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The Real Cost of Cheap Suit Hangers

The Real Cost of Cheap Suit Hangers

When it comes to storing your suits and delicate garments properly, not all clothes hangers are created equally. Saving a dollar today on cheap options can cost you exponentially more in the future. Besides, are you really saving when you purchase cheap hangers?

After adding up the following hidden costs of cheap hangers and considering the cost of repeated replacement, it makes dollars and sense to protect your smart investment with high-quality suit hangers. Let's take a closer look at the real value of cheap hangers. 

Don't Get It Twisted...Cheap Hangers Are Expensive

In an attempt to save a buck, many people assume purchasing cheap hangers is the way to go, but few things can be farther from the truth. On the one hand, cheap hangers made of metal or plastic create a tangled, messy closet. This situation can significantly complicate your ability to find the suit, shirt, or pants you wish to locate. However, this is only the beginning. 

Metal Cheap Hangers Can Tear Your Suits

Cheap hangers made of metal can quickly turn your wardrobe into a frizzled, frazzled mess that costs you dearly. And the physical destruction usually starts with the part of the metal hanger twisted around the hook. This sharp part of the object is notorious for snagging, ripping, and tearing suits and other garments it's entrusted to protect. 

Cheap Hangers Made of Plastic Can Crack Under Pressure

On the other hand, cheap hangers made of plastic aren't much better. Once the plastic hanger gives way to the weight of the suit and cracks, the jagged plastic parts will snag fabrics and cause irreparable damage. 

Rust Damage from Cheap Hangers Ruins Fabrics

In addition to snags and tears, using cheap hangers made of metal can cause rust damage. And if your suit, shirt, or other garment has rust damage, it's extremely difficult — if not impossible — to remove from the fabric without ruining the entire piece. Why do you think dry cleaners always include those protective paper sheets over wire hangers? Hint: it's not because they are friendly.

Cheap Hangers Will Let You & Your Clothes Down

When you hang your suit up in your closet, you protect the fabric and prevent it from wrinkling. Cheap hangers may occasionally suffice for a tee-shirt; heavier jackets, suits, sweaters, and pants should all be hung up on sturdy, reliable clothes hangers. For example, if you hang your outfit on a cheap suit hanger, the pants are very likely to bend or break the hanger.

This situation results in your perfectly-placed crease being out of line. It causes wrinkled pants due to the garment bunching up. To make matters worse, your jacket and pants can easily slip off cheap hangers and land on the floor...if you're lucky. If you're traveling, your suit can land in a puddle, the ground, or any other unfavorable location where suits don't belong.  

Cheap Hangers Can Be Dangerous

If you have children, you know all too well how they manage to get into everything and anything. And your closet represents a treasure trove of miraculous wonder.

However, closets with cheap plastic and wire hangers can also represent a dangerous hazard. Because cheap suit hangers are unreliable and break easily, they shouldn't be used around children. 

Shards of broken plastic can get lodged in a curious toddler's throat, or an older child could poke themselves in the eye with a twisted wire hanger. While cheap hangers rarely last a season, premium wooden suit hangers are built to last a lifetime.   

Cheap Hangers Devalue Your Closet

Your clothes aren't cheap, so why devalue your closet with cheap hangers? The hanger you choose can either add or detract from your wardrobe, which is a crucial concern if you're ever showing off your closet to guests or friends. 

On the other hand, wooden hangers will give your clothes the elegant and sophisticated appearance they deserve. These hangers demonstrate your commitment to your presentation and your threads. You can even select premium wood hangers in different colors of wood to match your closet, colors of your wardrobe, or home. 

The sleek and timeless appeal of a wooden hanger will add to your wardrobe's overall allure while offering your suits the highest level of protection and preservation. 

Give Your Suits the Protection They Deserve with Butler Luxury

Your wardrobe is an expression of who you are as a person. And your ability to care for your wardrobe is an expression of how you care for yourself. You owe it to yourself to avoid the real, hidden expenses associated with cheap hangers. 

At Butler Luxury, we offer premium high-quality wooden clothes hangers designed to protect your clothing and avoid all of the previously-mentioned problems. You can explore a wide selection of luxury men's suit hangers, women's suit hangers, and accessories to help you look and be your best self. 

Browse the entire Butler Luxury collection because you deserve it. 

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