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Butler Luxury is a leading designer and manufacturer of luxury wooden hangers for the discerning professional. Our products are handcrafted from the finest woods and feature non-slip pads, smooth contours, and sturdy construction.

Choose from the best wooden suit hangers, trouser hangers, coat hangers, and other fine storage accessories for your treasured garments.

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Anatomy of a Luxury Hanger

1. The Sturdy Construction

Every hanger features Grade-A European beech wood - the best wood for hangers. This scratch-resistant material is solid and lightweight and is the secret behind our luxury wooden hangers' strength and beauty.

2. The Hook

Our hangers feature a 360-degree swivel hook, making it easy to hang your garments in any closet. The sleek design is also perfect for storage in small spaces.

3. A Wide Neck

Our suit, coat, and shirt hangers feature a broad neck that mimics the shape of a human's to prevent garments from sagging and misshaping while in storage.

4. The Non-Slip Shoulder

Our non-slip shoulder prevents your clothes from slipping off the hanger. The contoured design also helps to preserve the shape of your garments.

5. The Reliable Trouser Bar

Keep your skirts and trousers looking sharp with our non-slip pant bar. The extra thick velvet padding on trouser bars ensures no slipping and absolutely no marks.

6. The Luxurious Finish

Every hanger offers a choice of stunning wood finishes, including dark matte walnut espresso and deep butterscotch.

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About Butler Luxury

Welcome to Butler Luxury! Our storage accessories are popular with premier clothing designers, tailors, and hotels, being recognized as the most demanding and best in this industry. 

For the first time since our founding many years ago, we offer some of our highest-demand products directly to the public.

As a high-end design manufacturer functioning across the entire globe, we've made it our top priority to provide luxury garment care right at home for the discerning professional.

As many consumers of luxury cars or properties know, valued items only stay luxurious with proper care and maintenance.

Shop at Butler Luxury with the confidence and firm knowledge that what you buy is both luxurious and dependable in every way. 

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