Women's Shirt Hangers

Our intention is for every product we sell to be the absolute best of its kind. Our hangers are designed to provide the ultimate garment care, based on what is ideal for the type of clothing, and with every hanger we make we use the finest materials and finishes without compromise. Each hanger is crafted with solid Grade A Beech Wood specially imported from Germany –– recognized as the ultimate wood for hangers. Additionally, the shoulders on our hangers are shaped from one solid piece of wood, not two pieces like many other hanger manufacturers.

We crafted each of our luxury shirt hangers from the same Grade A beech wood used for our luxury suit hangers and took the same care in finishing the beautiful wood with our signature Deep Butterscotch and Dark Matte Walnut Espresso finishes. We would only add shirt hangers if they stood up to the same exacting standards as our luxury suit and trouser hangers. You can be sure your entire closet contains the world class standard for which our hangers became rapidly known—whether suits, coats, trousers or shirts.

To enable you to hang as many shirts as possible in your closet, our shirt hangers keep a thin profile, yet purposely remain extremely strong and rugged.