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Suit Hanging is a Science: Learn the Perfect Formula

Suit Hanging is a Science: Learn the Perfect Formula

Your suit spends more time in the closet than it does on you. So, if it's resting on a cheap, thin wire hanger that is nothing like your shoulders, it will get ruined over time. Wire hangers cause puckered shoulders and re-shapes your hand-padded suit jacket shoulder, which ultimately destroys the suit hanging in your closet. Other frustrations people face when removing clothing from the hanger are creased dress shirts and finding their pants on the floor.

Suit hanging is a science that leaves your clothes in pristine condition for a long time. It also saves you loads of time otherwise spent steaming and ironing.

Whether you are a veteran to men's style or a newcomer, there's a wave of conflicting, confusing content preaching about proper care and storage for finer garments.

This article creates a simple, clear-cut guide to suit hanging and caring for the clothes and accessories that go with it (dress shirts, ties, etc.).


Hanging Suit Pants

There are several methods for hanging suit pants, but let's look at three:

  • The simplest way is to use a clamp-style hanger hook with two wood strips that clamp together. Fold the dress pants along their pleats and hang them between the clamps. You can also use a clip-style hanger to hang your pants from the waist.
  • The next method, and perhaps the most common, is to fold the pants with the creases lined so that they are parallel and flat. Then, holding your hanger in one hand, slip the legs through its central opening so that about two-thirds of the pants rest on the crossbar. Ensure they lay smoothly to avoid wrinkles.
  • The third alternative requires a bit more skill. Since you will need both hands free, first hang your hanger on a rack. Stand perpendicular to it with one pant leg in each hand. Then fold one leg through the central opening so that it rests on the crossbar with the hem about one inch from the crotch. Fold the other leg on top of the first one, letting it hang over the crossbar. The pants' weight and friction will hold them in place

Of the three options, we recommend learning the third technique. The process may take some practice but ultimately will cause the least amount of stress on your suit pants while they rest on a quality suit hanger.


Hanging a Suit Jacket

After you take your suit jacket off, hang it up immediately. Don't throw it in your clothes hamper or over a chair, and never toss it on the ground. Always hang it on a proper hanger, which will allow the garment to maintain its natural shape.

Most people make the mistake of hanging their suit jackets using a regular hanger, which is incorrect. A standard quarter-inch-thick plastic or wire option will destroy your suits' shoulder pads over time. The rule of thumb is to use a wooden suit hanger with a width of 1.5" to 2". This broad resting spot ensures your suit jacket is supported correctly.

Opt for a beechwood hanger to repel moths and other insects, absorb moisture, and give your suit a pleasant, manly scent. Also, keep the storage area cool and dry to prevent mold. 

If you're storing your suit jacket long-term (such as seasonally) or are worried about dust, keep it inside a museum-quality protective garment bag. Stay away from plastic covers, which can trap moisture and cause discoloration and mold growth.


Hanging Dress Shirts

The biggest question when it comes to storing dress shirts is whether to hang or fold them. If you decide on hanging, it's best to do it directly after ironing to prevent creases and wrinkles.

With your hanger suspended from a bar or rack, drape your shirt over it and adjust the yoke to ensure it is aligned correctly. The yoke is the back part of the shirt through the shoulders. 

Next, adjust the collar by turning it downwards, making sure it hasn't tucked inside itself along the back of the shirt. Fasten the buttons, starting at the bottom. After closing the top collar button, readjust the yoke again if needed.

Again, the type of hanger used for dress shirts is incredibly important. Do not use a wire hanger because they can cause your shirt to pucker along the shoulders. Instead, choose a shirt hanger made from sturdy wood to ensure proper support for the entire garment.


Storing Suit Accessories

Organizing your suit accessories (i.e., ties, pocket squares, hats, cufflinks, suspenders, etc.) allows you to locate these items when it's time to don that suit again. Let's look at the storage of neckties and pocket squares.

When storing your tie, remember to remove it by following your tie-tying steps in reverse – do not pull the thin end through the knot. Next, hang it immediately by draping it over a tie hanger or closet rack.

For pocket squares, it's best to fold them before placing them in storage. If you only have a few, put one in each of your suit jacket pockets. You could also keep a handful of them in a small box on your dresser or stack them on their side inside a drawer so that you can see them at once. 

The critical step here is proper folding. Never toss them bunched up or stuffed together with other accessories. You're only creating more ironing work later on!

Summing Up the Science

Suit hanging is always more effortless when proper storage techniques are followed. While these tips may not seem fancy, they will guarantee a longer-lasting garment.

Using the right hangers to store formal attire in your wardrobe is another essential step in the suit storage process. Butler Luxury's line of suit hangers fits their precise contours, are made from durable, garment-friendly materials, and provides the ultimate protection for your suits for years to come. Keep your outfits looking professional, sharp, and ready to wear by following these simple steps!

Butler Luxury manufactures, designs, and distributes luxury home items globally for many premier hotels, clothing designers, and tailors. We service the best and most demanding clients in our field, and now our products are available for the general public to use as well!

Visit our Men's Suit Hangers page to start shopping or contact us today for any questions on caring for your wardrobe.

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