Museum Quality Suit or Tux Cover

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Developed in partnership with museum textile conservators and manufactured in Brooklyn, New York, The Butler's Closet® Wardrobe Covers strictly exclude all chemicals, bleaches, and dyes from the finely woven cotton fabric—the same standards used to protect priceless historical and important garments in museums. Maintain your suits in excellent condition. Suit or tuxedo covers protect elegant and well-tailored suits as well as many other outfits. Women's cocktail ensembles, men's sport jackets, stylish evening jackets, and smart tuxedos require special care.

Covers are generous in size with a 4" gusset, buttons—not zippers—to prevent snags, and an overlapping placket to keep out light, dust, and insects. As seasons change, clean your suits and evening clothes, remove dry cleaning bags, and move out-of-season items to a separate closet. Storing clothes in dry cleaning bags or heavy plastic bags is harmful. Plastic bags trap moisture, do not allow fabric to breathe and emit gases that affect your clothing. Heavy canvas bags also don’t allow clothes to breathe and can contain chemical finishing agents.

Suit or tuxedo covers protect your clothing all year long. These conservation covers shield your wardrobe, preventing clothes from rubbing against each other in the closet or when packed in a suitcase for a trip.

Museum Quality Suit or Tuxedo Cover

  • Bespoke covers protect clothing from light, dust, insects, and damage in the closet
  • Original designs—beautifully tailored
  • 24" x 4" x 42"—generously sized with a 4" gusset and may hold more than one item
  • 100% cotton percale woven to textile conservator specifications
  • Thread count 200
  • Free of dye, bleach, sizing, and chemicals
  • Fabric has been scoured with a final "pure finish" water only rinse
  • Buttons and overlapping placket keep insects away
  • Use at home and for travel
  • Helps prevent yellowing from dry cleaning bags
  • Machine washable and proudly "Made in New York"