Shoulder Dust Cover

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Keep your clothing in excellent condition with Butler's Closet™ Shoulder Cover. Shoulder covers solve a big problem—invisible dust in your closet. Dust can settle everywhere as it builds up clothing needs more frequent cleaning. A growing layer of dust can actually create tears in good fabric. Shoulder covers protect clothing from dust and light in your closet, and they keep outfits from rubbing against each other (creating snags). These conservation covers are well designed and generous in proportions.

  • Bespoke covers protect against light, dust, and damage in the closet
  • Original designs—beautifully tailored
  • 23" x 3" x 14"—generously sized with a large gusset
  • 100% cotton percale woven to textile conservator specifications
  • Thread count 200
  • Free of dye, bleach, sizing, and chemicals
  • Fabric has been scoured with a final "pure finish" water-only rinse
  • Use at home and for travel
  • Helps prevent yellowing from dry cleaning bags
  • Machine washable and proudly "Made in New York"