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Best Suit Hangers—An unbiased analysis from fashion experts

Best Suit Hangers—An unbiased analysis from fashion experts

How would you go about finding the “best” suit hanger?  

  • Customer reviews often reflect the limited experience that particular person has and can be skewed by reviewers related to the business. 
  • Collecting all possible hangers together and inspecting and testing each one is more than any consumer has any interest in doing. So, how to determine the best suit hanger? 

Getting the perspective of people in the fashion industry with wide experience with suit hangers provides the most reliable, dependable method of determining what is the best suit hanger.  We’ve had several fashion publications look over and test our hangers in relation to others available. We’ve quoted from a number of these below to give you a comprehensive overview of what is the best suit hanger in the world today.

Why should you invest in the best suit hangers available today?

The best suit hangers will

  • Protect your investment - ensure shape and support for a prolonged life.
  • Fit your clothes - tailor made to your special needs and tastes.
  • Last forever - hand-made of the finest materials.
  • Keep your clothes looking professional and ready to wear.

Protect Your Investment

What are you doing now to keep your finest clothes looking their finest? Would the proper care and handling of your wardrobe add years to your investments?

The Dickie Bow notes, “Using the best hangers goes a long way in protecting the personal investment you make in your clothes. One thing I appreciate about good clothing is that people respect a man that takes stock in himself.”

The Dapper Advisor Akil McLeod notes in his review, “Having the right hangers for your clothes will maintain their shape and drape for years to come. For example, the wide neck on this shirt hanger allows the collar to sit like it would around your neck. When it comes to suits and blazers, having shoulder support is essential! A bad hanger could damage the shoulders of your jacket, especially if you only wear blazers and suits on special occasions. ... The broad curved shoulders on these hangers provide the perfect amount of jacket support.”

The Fine Young Gentleman notes in their review, “The finest of details ... I strongly recommend hangers from Butler Luxury. ... If you are spending the money and time to acquire proper fitting suits, the effort should be made to take care of them.”

Fit Your Clothes

Are the hangers in your closet specifically tailored to your clothes? If they are Butler Luxury hangers, they are tailored to your size and your taste. We literally handcraft hangers to your measurements to ensure the perfect fit for you.

In their review, The Dickie Bow notes: “The reality is you are damaging your clothes by using hangers that were not meant for that purpose. Well-made hangers are designed specifically for certain parts of your attire; for instance, a longer fully contoured hanger with wide shoulder flares is designed to preserve the suit jacket’s drape. The suit hanger is designed to follow the natural shoulder profile thus maintaining the overall shape of the jacket; nothing looks worse than a jacket that droops and loses its natural drape. ... There are hangers designed for overcoats, jackets, trousers and shirts, and using the right one means the difference in the life of your garment … and will keep your clothes looking great for years.”

Last Forever

Shouldn’t your hangers outlast your wardrobe? They will if you invest in Butler Luxury Hangers. Butler Luxury hangers are handmade of 100% solid Grade A beech wood and are designed to last a lifetime. In their review, the Gentleman's Gazette notes, “Just as every handmade suit from a tailor is never exactly the same, none of the handmade Butler Luxury hangers match exactly. If you inspect them meticulously side by side, you can spot tiny differences but when they hang, you can never tell. Since nice hangers are an investment, it makes sense to choose carefully during your initial purchase. Overall, I prefer the Butler Luxury Hanger ... because of their superior workmanship, looks, and the fact that I can get more of them in my closet. Does Butler Luxury provide the best wooden luxury hangers in the world? I do not know, but to me they are certainly the best suit hangers I have come across so far.

Keep Your Clothes Looking Professional

Do your clothes look as clean and fresh as though they just came from the cleaners? The best suit hangers will have you covered for that surprise meeting or important introduction. Essential Style for Men notes in their review, “The main part of the hanger is solid, made from one piece of Grade A solid beech wood and is shaped to the correct geometric contours, keeping that 5-figure suit in 6-figure condition when you need to close that 7-figure deal. The suit and trouser hangers from Butler Luxury are THE hangers to end all other hangers in the men’s fashion world because the folks behind Butler Luxury have been making hangers for nearly 20 years. They’ve made hangers for many well-known designers as well as many true 5 star hotels.”

The Dapper Advisor also notes the quality in their review, “Butler Luxury definitely got it right with these hangers. Ironically, I hate saying things like ‘these are the best,’ but you will definitely be hard-pressed to find a better hanger!”


To read the complete reviews click the links below:

*The Dapper Advisor - Akil McLeod, 12/2016
**Gentleman's Gazette - Sven Raphael Schneider, 7/13/2012
***Essential Style for Men, 9/17/2012
****The Fine Young Gentleman - Justin L Jeffers 12/9/2012
*****The Dickie Bow, 4/2013

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