Gentleman's Gazette Reviews Butler Luxury Hangers

Gentleman's Gazette Reviews Butler Luxury

Gentleman's Gazette Reviews Butler Luxury

One of our favorite sites/blogs/style-leaders––and we'd guess your favorite too, considering the vast following and loyal fanbase Sven Raphael Schneider and his team have amassed––is Gentleman's Gazette.  

The site is packed with both essential intel on style, grooming, trends and fashion, as well as thurough and honest reviews that can be relied upon.  On many occasions we have turned to Gentleman's Gazette for inspiration, shopping direction and always, witty and wonderful prose. We are, therefore, quite proud to have been the subject of several such reviews, and quite favorably we might add.  Read on to enjoy the Gentleman's Gazette take on Butler Luxury hangers.


The Best Clothes Hanger In The World?
A little over three years ago, I was introduced to a new suit hanger that blew away the then-leading clothes hanger on the market. Specifically, I am talking about Butler Luxury, the brand created by Mike Cregan, a clothes hanger veteran of 25 years.
Better Than Best?
What impressed me about the original Butler Luxury hanger was its solid quality, felted hanger bar as well as the smooth, matte finish that looked so much more sophisticated than the thickly coated varnish from The Hanger Project. Although it was the best hanger on the market at the time, Mike wanted something better, and so I suggested he create a hanger with a round neckline that mimics the curve of the neck. I had seen these hangers in tailor shops in Italy and provided him with photos.

Butler Luxury Tailor Made® Coat Hanger
Prototypes and Improvements

He started working on the first prototype, which turned out to be the perfect idea with imperfect execution.

Of course, Mike was anything but happy with the situation, and he went back to the drawing board. After a few months, he came up with a new three-piece construction and a superior neckpiece that truly provides the best possible hold for a tailored garment. The widest shoulder pads in the industry had just the right shape; the weight was hefty, and finish felt luxurious.

Double Trouser Hangers

The original Butler Luxury hanger always had one felted trouser bar that ensured that pants would never slip down. However, men who wear suits on a daily basis often invest in a second pair of trousers because they usually wear out faster than the jacket.

Therefore, Butler Luxury add a second trouser bar allowing you to hang two trousers and one jacket from one hanger, which is fantastic. That way you always see your entire suit, and you never have to stack multiple pants on top of each other.

Butler Luxury Tailor Made® Custom Suit Hanger
Why Buy A $38 Hanger?

I get it – this hanger is anything but cheap, but if you own tailored clothes, it is a highly recommended investment, especially since the price goes down the more hangers you buy. Here EIGHT reasons it’s worth investing in great hangers from Butler Luxury:

1. Thin wire, plastic or wooden hangers will destroy the shoulder of your tailored jacket over time.
2. The price is a small fraction of the cost of your suit, and it helps to prolong the life of your garments, which means the cost per wear decreases.
3. You will not find a nicer hanger around anywhere. The silky matte finish, in combination with the weight and superior shape, makes this hanger a joy to look at in any closet.
4. The materials are first rate; these hangers are made of the fine German beechwood.
5. The hangers will match or contrast your existing closet: you can choose between a deep butterscotch color and a darker espresso walnut finish that work with most closets and woods out there. Personally, I prefer tone in tone but others like the hangers to stand out more – the choice is yours.
6. The hangers come in different sizes, accommodating every jacket from size 38 to size 48.
7. Double trouser bar, so you can hang two trousers + one suit on a single hanger. Great for organization AND maximizing the use of your storage space
8. You’ll never need to replace these hangers – they will last for a lifetime.

Butler Luxury Tailor Made® Suit Hanger
Is It Really The Best Hanger In The World?
I am always very careful about using superlatives; proclaiming something is “the best in the world” is often a marketing gimmick or an unsubstantiated opinion rather than a result of comparing all the options available in the world.

To date, I have not seen a better suit hanger on the market, and hence I consider it to be the best suit and jacket hanger available today. Is it perfect for everything? No, they are too heavy for travel, simply not necessary for shirts and they are unsuitable for small closets in which every inch matters. However, if you want a functional, beautifully crafted and impressive clothes hanger for your suit investments, look no further than the new Butler Luxury Clothes Hangers.

Will I Get Rid Of My Old Butler Luxury Hangers?

I upgraded all of my clothes hangers to Butler luxury about two years ago, and I could not be happier with them. Since they do not show any signs of wear I will not replace them because it would simply be a waste. However, if I were to buy clothes hangers today, the dark matte espresso Tailor Made Suit Hangers from Butler Luxury would be my first choice.

Of course, if you prefer you can also get this hanger with one trouser bar .

What's Next? Hopefully A Travel Hanger

One thing that I have yet to find is a lightweight travel hanger that is not bulky and works with multiple suits in 29″ suitcases. Maybe Butler Luxury will come up with a solution for that down the line. Considering what they have achieved so far, I would not be surprised!

What’s your take on clothes hangers?

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