Essential Style for Men Reviews Butler Luxury Hangers

Essential Style for Men Reviews Butler Luxury Hangers

Essential Style for Men Reviews Butler Luxury Hangers

Essential Style for Men –– a treasure trove of style essentials for the modern man –– reviewed Butler Luxury Hangers, and we're excited to share their take with you here.  With plenty of their standard brash style and bold phrasing, they summed up the finer points of our hangers as only they can; with concise narrative and not a little wit. Read on for the full review.

You’ve got your dream job with your corner office. You’ve got your half a million dollar condo. You’ve got the $80,000 sports car. You’ve got the $10,000 watch. Your suits all cost at least $2,000.

First off: You’re awesome.

Now aside from settling down and finding yourself a woman, what other things should you be concerned about at this point in your life?

Heart disease? Investments? Life insurance?

May we suggest something a little more subtle and a little more relevant to your fashion sensibilities – your hangers.

Essential Style For Men reviews Butler Luxury Hangers
If you think your Bed, Bath and Beyond hangers are the baddest in the business, you’ve got it all wrong. The suit and trouser hangers from Butler Luxury are THE hangers to end all other hangers in the men’s fashion world because the folks behind Butler Luxury have been making hangers for nearly 20 years (they’ve made hangers for many well-known designers as well as many true 5 star hotels).

They originally got their inspiration for Butler Luxury from a Savile Row tailor who was one of their customers and helped develop their “no compromise” suit hanger.
Butler Luxury reached out to us a few weeks back to see if we were interested in doing a feature on their products and – as with all things – we couldn’t really make an objective conclusion for these types of items until we saw the product for ourselves.

Once we received the samples and saw them in person, we were instant converts. We are 100% behind their description of their products from their website:

Every hanger we make uses the finest of materials and finishes without compromise. All hangers are made with Grade A solid Beech wood, recognized as the ultimate wood for hangers. The shoulders are crafted of one solid piece of wood, not two pieces as other so-called luxury hangers are. There are no compromises here.

The feel is heavy, sturdy and you can tell they are created with the utmost attention to detail.
Case in point – they even make different sized hangers based on your jacket size. For the larger gentlemen who wear a size 42 and up, they have 18 inch suit hangers and for those gentleman who wear a size 41 and below, they have 16 inch suit hangers.
Although all of their products are amazing, our favorite is the dark matte walnut espresso suit hanger.

The main part of the hanger is solid, made from one piece of Grade A solid beechwood and is shaped to the correct geometric countours keeping that 5-figure suit in 6-figure condition when you need to close that 7-figure deal.

The elements of a Butler Luxury Hanger

Here are a couple of key features of the hangers from Butler Luxury’s official website:

“No Compromise” features ensure your fine suits remain in peak form for years

The extra wide shoulders provide the perfect platform to rest your suit onto between wearings

The thick shape of the neck aids your suit collar’s natural rounded shape.

For your trousers, a wide, thick round bar with the softest velvet holds them securely without leaving any impression in the fabric

The extra large diameter bar generates a gentle, rounded roll that leaves no trace behind

Hangers come in to sizes to ensure a perfect fit for any suit: 18 inches for sizes 43 and up, while the 16 inch version will work well for sizes 42 and lower

The only potential downside to it all? Pricing for these hangers range from $39 for a set of 5 trouser hangers to $26 for the suit hangers (with a minimum order of 3).

But seriously, do you really want that $10,000 Brioni suit hanging on a $1 IKEA hanger?

Come on dude, show a little respect for your gear. That’s like parking your $300,000 Lambo in the Costco parking lot. Or like putting a watch strap you bought at the mall on your Panerai.

It’s just not right. Just suck it up and get yourself some Butler Luxury Hangers to help complete your awesomeness.

Once that is done, you can start worrying about less important things, like your life insurance policy.

For more information about Butler Luxury Hangers, you can check out the official Butler Luxury website at

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