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The 5 Best Tools For Clothing Repair and Maintenance

The 5 Best Tools For Clothing Repair and Maintenance

Proper garment maintenance and repair will keep your clothes looking pristine and serving your wardrobe needs for more extended periods. However, most people don’t take care of their garments, resulting in short-term ownership and unnecessary spending.

Statistics show that most people throw away repairable clothes. To help reduce waste and enable you to enjoy your clothes for longer, here are five essential clothing repair and maintenance tools you need to invest in.


Sewing kit

1. Sewing Kit

With the right sewing kit and skills, you can conveniently and efficiently perform clothing repairs to prolong the life of your clothes. While the contents of your sewing kit will depend on your needs, the following essential items will come in handy when you need to perform quick clothing repairs.

  • Buttons
  • Threads of various colors
  • Measuring tape: This is important for taking measurements when doing clothing repairs like fixing the hems.
  • Scissors: Instead of the standard scissors, get shear or sewing scissors designed for easy cutting of fabric.
  • Needles and thimbles: Have both the standard sewing needle and darning needles for the knitted clothes in your closet. Since standard needles may not work well to punch holes into leather fabrics, a lock stitch sewing awl is an excellent addition to your kit. 


mesh laundry bag

2. Mesh Laundry Bags

If you are keen on safeguarding your high quality and delicate clothes, a mesh laundry bag is a must-have. It protects your delicate garments during washing while still allowing detergent and water to work their magic. 

You only have to place your clothes into the bag, secure it, and put it in the washer. Zipper laundry bags are better than those with rubber or clip closures, as the rubber can get lost in the machine, and the clips can pop during washing. 

Laundry bags prevent straps from stretching and protect your clothes from tangling and being ripped. This way, your clothes stay in good condition for longer.


Ironing board

3. Iron and Ironing Board

An iron and an ironing board are must-have tools to banish wrinkles and improve garment life. Always iron your clothes on a clean ironing board when they are still damp, as over-dried garments are more difficult to reshape. 

For delicate clothes, a garment steamer is necessary as it removes creases without the harshness of a regular iron. If you have limited spaces, a foldable ironing board is ideal for convenient storage


luxury hangers

4. Luxury Hangers

A poor-quality hanger can damage your shirts by stretching the necks and shoulders. High-quality hangers are both sturdy and durable. They will minimize the need to re-clean clothes that fell on the floor due to snapping hangers or re-iron them due to creases from sagging hangers.  

Quality luxury hangers like the selection from Butler Luxury are more durable compared to wire and plastic options. These products also come in a variety of hues for an elegant look in your closet. Since they can support heavy fabrics without sagging and last for ages, they provide more value for your money.


clothing brushes

5. Clothing Brushes

Lint rollers may remove hair and dirt from your clothes, but they can also leave clothes with traces of glue, attracting even more lint. Clothing brushes are a great alternative as they do a cleaner job when lifting debris and particles from your fabrics. 

Quality clothing brushes made of natural bristles will not only last you longer but also keep your clothes fresh without scratching them. You may want to invest in clothing brushes with bristles that vary in stiffness, as softer bristles are best for delicate materials and stiffer bristles are best for removing dry stains.



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