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The Advantages of Luxury Wooden Hangers: Explained

The Advantages of Luxury Wooden Hangers: Explained

In the whirlwind of your busy, professional day-to-day life, your closet is most likely an afterthought. However, the way you organize your wardrobe and your choice of hangers are more critical to your work life than you may think.  

If you're a classy, organized professional, you may enjoy curating a closet that genuinely showcases your unique style. Pairing your clothes with luxury wooden hangers elevates your closet aesthetic while also fulfilling the practical needs of your clothes. And while they may take up more space in your closet than wire or plastic hangers, the benefits pay off in the end (and will save you more money!)

Here are three more reasons why wooden hangers are the best choice for both your closet and your clothes. 


Maintain clothes with luxury hangers

1) They Maintain the Lifespan of Your Clothes 

Plastic or wire hangers may have been passable during your college years, but when you have an established career now, and your clothing deserves the right maintenance! Wooden hangers are specifically designed to mirror the structure of your shoulders to maintain the original shape of your garments. 

Since mental hangers bend over time, they'll lose the ability to sustain the weight of your clothing, compromising their shape and causing them to hang unevenly. This defect can cause the armholes on your clothing to stretch out and decrease the overall lifespan of the garment. 

More durable than wire or plastic, luxury wooden hangers will better support your clothes and maintain that essential shoulder-mirroring shape over long periods. Wooden hangers will hold your most valuable items while in storage without misshaping collars or stretching suits, shirts, and blouses. A sturdy hanger construction ensures your clothes fit you as they should. 

As for your pants, most hangers aren't able to handle their weight and begin to sag over time as well, causing fabric stretching and unnecessary wrinkling. It's inconvenient to have to iron your pants every single time you want to wear them, so look for luxury hanger options with an extra thick velvet trouser bar that won't leave crease marks on your clothes. 

2)They're Durable

Luxury wooden hangers maintain the lifespan of your clothes because they're meant to last you a long time themselves. While wire or plastic hangers will easily crack under pressure, bending, or sagging when carrying your bulkier items like coats, luxury wooden hangers feature materials designed to support them. The hanger's sturdy build can hold any item in your wardrobe with care. 

Most luxury wooden hangers feature strong materials such as cedar, cherry, rosewood, or beechwood. Also, hooks and pants bars are made from solid metal engrained deep within the wood, ensuring the whole piece maintains sound form over time.

Although they're more expensive to purchase, their durability means you'll rarely have to replace them, which saves you some money in the long run! 


luxury wooden hangers

3) They Offer A Sleek Aesthetic To Your Closet 

Being greeted by a beautifully organized closet each morning has an empowering effect. Everyone prefers busy mornings to be as smooth and stress-free as possible and stepping into an uncluttered, beautifully designed space can provide a healthy mental boost.

The sleek finish of luxury wooden hangers adds an elegant presentation of your clothes, showing that you've put careful thought and detail into the appeal of your closet. 

When thinking of aesthetics, keep in mind that you can choose from various colors of wood. Depending on what feel you're going for, you can get luxury wooden hangers with a natural, walnut, or darker finishes or coordinate them with the colors with your wardrobe. 

Not only will this add to the appeal of your closet, but it will also add an extra sprinkling of joy to your mornings when opening your closet doors to choose what to wear each day. 

Purchase Luxury Wooden Hangers From Butler Luxury Today!

Ultimately, your clothing deserves top-notch care. Instead of hanging your most treasured garments on cheap hangers that are nothing like your shoulders, peruse Butler Luxury's fantastic selection of the quality hangers, thoughtfully created for your quality items. 

Butler Luxury values the preservation of your clothes and is offering you the perfect tools to give your clothing items the top-notch care they deserve.

Purchase your Butler Luxury hangers today for an elegant touch to your organized closet. Ensure long-term, quality care for your most treasured items!

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