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Your Slack Hangers Should Contain These Three Features

Your Slack Hangers Should Contain These Three Features


Did you know your dress pants, trousers, and slacks will spend more time on trouser hangers than your body? Because of the amount of time your slacks will spend in storage, it only makes sense to protect your threads with the appropriate slack hangers. 

Choosing the best slack hangers is greatly simplified when you know what to look for. While you have a seemingly endless number of options, your slack hangers must include the following three key features. 


1) The Slack Hanger Material Must Be Dependable

When you look at the landscape for slack hangers, you have wire slack hangers, piped-plastic trouser hangers, acrylic dress pants hangers, and everything in between. The problem with most of these hangers is that they are flimsy and fail to support your dress pants adequately. 

This truth often means the slack hanger will wilt under pressure and leave your dress pants or slacks crumbled up in the closet — crease destroyed and wrinkles rampant. Instead of settling for this outcome, the best way to protect your slacks is to choose slack hangers manufactured from a high-quality material like wood. 

The Best Slack Hangers Are Made from Wood

Wooden slack hangers are simply the best solution. They are more durable than any other option. Not to mention, these types of slack hangers offer an unmistakable appeal and speak volumes about the pride you take in your wardrobe. When you choose wooden slack hangers, you'll neer have to worry about the material sagging or snapping under the weight of your clothing. 

These hangers are built to last a lifetime and can hold their shape throughout. Because of this, wooden slack hangers can save you significant funds over the long term. Just as you purchase premium clothing, it only makes sense to store your threads the way they are designed to be stored — on premium wooden hangers. 

Not All Wooden Slack Hangers Are Created Equally 

While wooden slack hangers are the best for storing your khakis, slacks, trousers, etc.; Butler Luxury creates unique solutions. Each Butler Luxury wooden slack hanger comes crafted from solid Grade-A Beech Wood specially imported from Germany. This wood is recognized as the preeminent wood for hangers. 

As a bonus, each premium wooden hanger is scratch resistant and hand polished. Used by luxury boutiques, Butler Luxury slack hangers are forged from a single piece of wood for enhanced durability and longevity. This type of construction is a sharp deviation from cheaper, inferior wooden products that are pieced together with glue and other adhesives. 


2) Slack Hangers Should Secure Your Trousers in Place

What makes slack hangers unique from general hangers is that they securely keep your pants in place. The best options incorporate some type of non-slip feature to help prevent your slacks from sliding. And there are several alternative ways and designs slack hanger manufacturers utilize to achieve this goal. 

Slack Hangers with Clips Can Leave Indentations

Many slack hangers feature clips designed to grasp your trousers and securely hold them in place. While the design may be useful and you typically won't have to worry about your pants falling off, these types of hangers can result in unsightly indentations — particularly when manufactured cheaply. Even if you avoid the indentations, you may create a horizontal crease line where the pants are folded and clipped onto the hanger, which is even worse. Don't get us wrong — these types of hangers have a purpose and place, just not for trousers.  

Single Rod Trouser Hangers Miss the Mark

Single rod trouser hangers look fabulous and should make accessing your pants a breeze —in theory. As the name suggests, these single rods allow you to slip your pants off the rod toward you easily. However, these trouser hangers can present several problems. 

On the one hand, the material tends to be flimsy and bends easily. This often results in the trousers sliding off the edge rod after some extended period of use. And when the rods fail to incorporate a non-slip surface, the pants will slide off the rod if they are not perfectly balanced. Who has time to balance pants? No one! 

Slack Hangers with Security Bars

At Butler Luxury, our slack hangers come engineered to offer you the best of both worlds. They instinctively work to sustain the unique crease and finish of your most becoming trousers. Even incredibly slick and soft materials — such as Super 180's merino wool — will securely stick to our velvet-covered, round bar. 

And the extra-thick design of the bar will never leave an impression on your trousers, slacks, or pants. Even after several weeks in your closet, your pants will retain the fresh look and stylish appeal. 



Pants on Hangers

3) Slack Hangers Should Be Versatile in Size

When you're looking for slack hangers, make sure to select a versatile product. And versatility comes standard on every Butler Luxury trouser hanger. The extra-long length of each hanger will accommodate virtually any size or shape of the trouser. 

This means if you go up or down a few sizes, your Butler Luxury trouser hangers will continue providing the storage you need. Each butler luxury hanger offers either a spacious 13.5 or 17-inch wide pants bar that can comfortably store and hold any size. 


Contact Butler Luxury for Top-Notch Trouser Hangers

At Butler Luxury, we only design and manufacture the very best in clothing storage solutions. For several years, we have been the leading distributor for hangers and luxury items for tailors, hotels, and premier clothing designers. Today, we've opened our doors to the public and welcome you to experience the Butler difference. Learn more about caring for your dress pants with our free guide.






Browse our catalog today, and don't hesitate to contact our team with any questions. We’re here to assist! 

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