A Guide to the Right Hanger For Each Type of Garment

A Guide to the Right Hanger For Each Type of Garment

There are probably several types of hangers in your closet, but do you have the right ones to hold each garment? Each of your cherished clothing items needs the right accessory - one that caters to it's unique construction. There are tons of options to choose from - contour hangers, concave hangers, or straight hangers.

So which hanger types should you add to your closet? Here are five options you should invest in and why. 


Let's start with your shirts! Keep tanktops and slippery fabrics from sliding off hanger ends by buying ones with divots or rubber-tipped features. 

Women's shirts and blouses almost always have hanging loops, which is where the divots come in handy. Although they seem pointless and annoying while you're wearing your shirt, please don't cut them off or remove them! The loops are there to remove pressure from the narrow parts of the garment while hung. 

Thick wooden hangers are an all-around suitable hanger type for shirts. They'll maintain the shape of your collar and allow tops to hang naturally without slipping off or wrinkling. 

For more delicate fabrics like silk, use velvet, padded, or flocked hangers so the fabric won't be ruffled or mishandled.


Trouser Hangers


Wood hangers are the optimal choice for your pants. They're sturdy, won't bend out of shape, and certain woods like cedar will fight odors and keep insects away (which is perfect for traveling or when in storage!). 

When hanging your slacks, it's vital that these wooden hanger types also have trouser bars to keep your pants from falling off. The thicker the trouser bar, the better since it'll keep your slacks from creasing, which will compromise their shape. 


Skirt Hangers


Skirt hangers should always contain clips to hold them in place while minimizing wrinkles. These hanger types should have rubber-coated clips to avoid marking up the fabric. If the clips are adjustable, even better!

Just like your shirts, your delicate skirt fabrics like chiffon or silk will need velvet or padded hanger types.


Suit Hangers


For suit hangers, there are a few things you ensure are included. Suit jackets are best hung on wooden products with fully-contoured shoulders that mimic the shape of your coat. It should have large shoulder flares and a built-in felted trouser bar for the accompanying slacks. Keep those suit items together!

Suit hangers should be ample in width, but should not extend beyond the point where the shoulder meets the suit's sleeve. For optimal support, the trouser bar should be flocked or felted to prevent creasing and wrinkles. 


Coat Hangers


Depending on the style, your outerwear typically has very similar needs to your suit hangers, just without the trouser bars! Heavier coats will need a contoured wooden hanger that matches its shape and won't bend under pressure. 

For lighter coats and jackets, flocked hangers are ideal. These hanger types are covered with soft material, similar to padded hangers, but are shaped like a conventional hanger and have a sturdy build. 

These are ideal for several types of outerwear and heavier garments. Flocked hangers also have a thin profile, which makes them space-efficient and convenient if you keep your coats in a coat closet. 


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