What Makes Butler Luxury Pants Hangers Different?

What Makes Butler Luxury Pants Hangers Different?

What Makes Butler Luxury Pants Hangers Different?

Clothes hangers are available for a dime a dozen. Cheap clothes hangers are so commonplace; your local dry cleaner freely distributes them. Yet, just because an item is free doesn't mean it's worth using. 

Those seemingly “free” hangers can cost you in the long run with wrinkled clothing, snagged threads, rusted fabrics, etc. Instead of falling victim to the perils free or cheap hangers, it's best to invest in quality storage solutions for your clothes from Butler Luxury.

Butler Luxury designs highly-functional and breathtakingly beautiful hangers for a wide variety of your treasured garments. Until recently, Butler Luxury's premium items were reserved for the best hotels, tailors, and clothing designers worldwide. The company has now made these same elegant items available for home wardrobe usage.

Among the most popular Butler Luxury items are their premium pants hangers. Infused with thoughtfulness and refinement in every square inch, these accessories come engineered to protect the longevity of your dress pants, trousers, or slacks. Let's take a closer look at what makes Butler Luxury pants hangers different than traditional, cheap hanger options. 


5 Distinct Features of Butler Luxury Pants Hangers

1) Grade A Beech Wood Construction

Beechwood ForestButler Luxury pants hangers are meticulously crafted from the finest, premium materials and finishes without any room for compromise. Built on the principle that quality is in the details, all hangers are forged from the best Grade A Beech Wood. 

This specialty wood is imported from Germany and is recognized by industry experts as the best option for hanger strength. This dedication to craftsmanship and detail is one of the critical reasons Butler Luxury pants hangers sit comfortably at the intersection of function and form.









2) Meticulous Crafting From A Single Piece of Wood

Professional woodworkerIf you're in the market for pant hangers, wood is inherently better than plastic or wire. However, not all wooden pant hangers are created equally. The majority of wooden pant hangers today are crafted from multiple pieces of wood or scraps of wood. Once the details are puzzled together, manufacturers use some type of adhesive to hold the parts together. 

Unfortunately, adhesives are bound to fail eventually. When this finally happens, you'll have amassed everything you need to create an expensive wooden pant hanger jigsaw puzzle — if you're into that sort of thing. 

However, Butler Luxury pant hangers are unique in that the entire piece is forged from a solid piece of wood. This solid wood design lasts exponentially longer life than adhesive-bound wood. 

3) Head-Turning Good Looks (Right in Your Closet)

Stylish closetYour closet and wardrobe are an expression of you and your dedication to looking and feeling your best. Unfortunately, pants hangers made from conventional materials like wire and plastic may be communicating the wrong message. Wire hangers are cheap, flimsy, and look as such, so the iconic phrase "No Wire Hangers!" resonates across generations.

Like wire hangers, plastic pants hangers are cheap, flimsy, break easily, and often wilt under your trousers’ weight. Not to mention, these hangers are aesthetically ghastly — with their kaleidoscope of colors. While the rainbow effect may be suitable for the fun-loving Trolls, it doesn't have the same impact for a well-to-do adult. 

The best way to elevate the profile and style of your closet is with Butler Luxury pants hangers. Oozing strength and confidence, Butler Luxury pants hangers are the creme de la creme of hangers and boast the remarkable ability to infuse that special je ne sais quoi! And in the event you ever invite someone into your closet sanctuary space, they'll immediately recognize the flair of opulence and class emanating from your Butler Luxury pants hangers. 

4) Products Built to Last a Lifetime 

Butler Luxury LineWhen most manufacturers engineer pants hangers, they are doing so on the principle of planned obsolescence. If you're unaware, planned obsolescence is an actual policy of producing consumer goods that become rapidly obsolete. In doing so, these pant hangers need replacing relatively quickly, which bodes well for the manufacturer. 

For example, many people turn to plastic pants hangers because of their low prices. While they appear to be more economical, you will continue to buy these hangers at an incessant rate. Most consumers assume they are saving, but when you add up the total costs over a few years of how much you've spent replacing plastic hangers, it's clear you've been victimized by planned obsolescence. Instead of getting on this merry go round, Butler Luxury pants hangers are built to last a lifetime! 

5) Hangers That Won’t Let Your Pants Down

Dress Pants on individualBesides exceptional longevity, stunning appeal, and superior craftsmanship, Butler Luxury pant hangers are engineered to provide the protection and support your pants or trousers need. These pant hangers will sustain the beautiful crease and finish of your pants regardless of the material. 

Even incredibly slick and soft materials like Super 180's merino wool will confidently stick to the perfectly round, velvet-covered bar. At the same time, this extra-thick bar will never leave unsightly impressions on your pants — even after several weeks of storage

Whether you're exceptionally tall or on the shorter side, Butler Luxury pants hangers are uniquely designed to accommodate any trouser size comfortably. All pants hangers are a spacious 17-inches wide and boast a 13.5-inch wide pant bar, which offers your fine dress pants or trousers the support they need and deserve. 

Pants in closet

Explore the Elegance of Butler Luxury Pants Hangers

You've invested time and money into your wardrobe, so you can look and feel your best. Choosing premium Butler Luxury pants hangers is the best way to protect your investment for several years to come. 

Learn more about caring for your dress pants with our FREE guide.

If you're ready to elevate your wardrobe’s profile and close, you're prepared to step into luxury — Butler Luxury. Learn more about their premium selection of pants hangers and other wardrobe accessories today! 

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