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Plastic, Wire, or Wood Suit Hangers? Which Options to Invest In

Plastic, Wire, or Wood Suit Hangers? Which Options to Invest In

Using the right suit hangers is one of the easiest, yet most effective ways of protecting your clothing. The best suit hangers not only extend the life of your garment but also give the closet a neater appearance, which makes them a sound investment for your wardrobe.

However, not every hanger will keep your suits in good shape without stretching or damaging the shoulder padding. To find the right hanger, focus on the material, size, shape, and sturdiness of each option.

This article will help you pick the best options for your wardrobe by comparing three common types of hangers - plastic, wire, and wood suit hangers.


Plastic Hangers

Plastic hangers are arguably the most common and frequently used clothes hangers. This is because they’re easy to find and relatively cheap compared to other options. Generally, these hangers come in different colors and sizes, including smaller widths designed for children.  

Plastic hangers are also easy to work with when it comes to hanging or removing clothes. However, you will need to button dress shirts and zip-up hoodies to keep wide-neck clothes hanging. Be careful when purchasing plastic hangers as you might desire a more reliable set of hangers in a short time.



  • Available in various colors
  • Light to carry
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Moderately priced
  • Holds a considerable amount of weight
  • Plastic is rust free and cannot catch mold or fungus even when wet.


  • Plastic hangers look and feel cheap
  • Wide-neck clothing may slip off
  • Plastic may break or sag when hanging heavier items
  • Plastic tends to lose firmness and deform over time
  • Production and recycling processes are not environmentally friendly

Best use cases: Plastic hangers are an ideal option for shoppers on a budget who might be looking for different color options. These options are best for consignment shops and thrift stores.


Wire Hangers

Wire hangers are cheap and often lose their shape when used to support heavy clothing. They have the most downsides, so we would not recommend purchasing them. Instead, we advise shoppers to replace them and find hangers that will serve them and their clothing better.



  • Most inexpensive type of hanger
  • Bends easily to form the desired shape
  • Easy to place and remove clothing from the hanger



  • Feels and looks cheap
  • Cannot maintain the shape and drape of your garments
  • Clothes can easily slip off the hanger
  • It bends easily and cannot hold heavier items
  • Wire hangers leave bumps on certain fabrics
  • The hanger’s tips can easily snag or scratch your clothes
  • Prone to rust, which damages clothing and shortens the hanger’s lifespan
  • Not ideal for long-term garment storage


Best use case: Not recommended. However, you can use wire hangers in a pinch for ultra-lightweight clothes. 

As you might have realized, both plastic and wire hangers are cheap and readily available. But there’s a significant downside in that using them means foregoing the best interests of your valued clothing.


Wood Suit Hangers

Wooden hangers are stylish and work well for most types of clothing. Apart from their elegant finishing, high-quality wood suit hangers have a longer lifespan. If you’re looking for hangers that will give you optimal clothing support, then wooden hangers are the best deal. Here’s why:



  • Natural wood color is stylish and classy
  • Wood hangers are more sturdy and do not bend easily, which keeps clothing intact
  • Grooves prevent garments from slipping off
  • Are more durable, which means better value for your money
  • It is easy to place and remove clothing from the hanger
  • The strong design allows hanging heavier items likes jeans, spring jackets, and winter coats
  • Can be equipped with special features such as notches to preserve your clothing more
  • Wooden hangers are environmentally friendly


  • Take up more space as compared to other hangers
  • More expensive

Best use cases: Hanging a wide range of clothing that needs to maintain shape, especially formal attire. Also great for adding aesthetic appeal to your closet.


Invest in Quality Suit Hangers With Butler Luxury

Investing in a set of good quality suit hangers and suit covers ensures your most treasured garments stay protected all through. With the right suit hangers, you can keep the entire wardrobe looking fresh and organized. Additionally, you need to be confident enough about storing your formal attire, so quality closet accessories count. 

Butler Luxury offers tailor-made wooden hangers that come in different styles and finishes, all reflecting exceptional elegance. With a wide selection of tools perfectly designed to keep your clothing in top shape, you can be sure to find the best fit for your closet.

Give your most valued garments the premium care and protection they deserve with Butler Luxury hangers.

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