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Take Better Care of Your Suits By Learning How to Use Trouser Hangers

Take Better Care of Your Suits By Learning How to Use Trouser Hangers

Putting the right well-tailored suit on and buttoning it up is analogous to Clark Kent entering the phone booth and emerging as Super Man. And while the right suit can unlock your inner superhero; a poorly-maintained suit is your cry for help.

In an effort to avoid the latter, make sure you know how to take care of your suits, especially your trousers. Because your slacks will spend more time on trouser hangers than on your body, the pros at Butler Luxury have outlined a few key tips to caring for your trousers with trouser hangers. This way, you can be your own hero every time you step out of the phone booth house in your suit.

How to Use Different Types of Trouser Hangers

When it comes to dress pant hangers, there are many. Yet, they all strive to accomplish the same goal: store your trousers and keep them free of wrinkles. Just as with everything in life, not all trouser hangers are created equally. Let's look at some of the most common types of trouser hangers and an overview of the steps involved with using each:

1) Clip Trouser Hangers

These types of trouser hangers feature some variation of two metal clips that are designed to securely grasp and store your trousers.

How to Use Clip Dress Pants Hangers

To use clip trouser hangers, fold your pants vertically along the crease and secure them to the hanger with the clips by the waistband. One tip is to position the clip approximately one inch from the outside of the waistband. While this method can help reduce the likelihood of creating indentations, it isn't feasible for many taller individuals or those with a smaller closet.

If your closet is spatially challenged, you'll need to fold your pants vertically and then horizontally (in half the long way). Afterward, you can clip the hanger in the knee area to secure the pants. Unfortunately, this will almost certainly leave noticeable indentations.

You can possibly avoid the indentations by inserting a stiff piece of paper (like cardboard) between the fabric and the clip. This can, however, reduce the grasp of the clip trouser hanger, while increasing the likelihood of ending up in a wrinkled heap on the floor.

2) Single-Rod, Open-Ended, or Bar-Type Trouser Hangers

Open-ended or bar-type trouser hangers are extremely simple, usually made of metal, and offer an ultra-modern appeal. These single rods allow you to easily slip your pants onto the hanger, but this same design can result in your pants falling off. In addition, open-ended hangers aren't always long enough, which means you may not have sufficient surface area to support the entire pair of pants.


How to Use These Hanger Types

In either case, using these hangers is relatively self-explanatory. Fold your slacks or trousers vertically along the crease and then fold them in half horizontally. Place the pants at about the halfway point onto the trouser hanger. Ideally, your pants should be evenly placed along the bar where the cuff of your pants is aligned with the waistband.

3) Wooden Clamp Trouser Hangers

Wooden clamp trouser hangers are made of two separate pieces of wood with bars that apply pressure to keep your pants in place.

How to Use Wooden Clamp Trouser Hangers

To use these hangers properly, fold your trousers vertically along the crease and then horizontally in half. When placing the trousers into the hanger, make sure the clamps grip your pants at least an inch below the fold. In other words, don't clamp the wood at the fold because you will create a noticeable horizontal crease, which is like a silent fashion scream for help.

Using Butler Luxury’s Wooden Trouser Hangers

Now that we've covered the rest, let's talk about the best. Butler Luxury offers stylish, premium wooden hangers that are extremely easy and intuitive to use.

How to Use Butler Luxury Wooden Trouser Hangers

To use Butler Luxury trouser hangers, simply fold your pants vertically to protect the integrity of your crease and once horizontally in half. Next place your trousers onto the extra-wide, non-slip, velvet-covered bar for gentle, but secure protection.

As the creme de la creme, Butler Luxury wooden trouser hangers boast unrivaled longevity by design. Each trouser hanger is crafted from a single piece of solid Grade A Beech Wood specially imported from Germany. This is a stark difference from other wooden hangers comprised of random pieces of wood haplessly held together with glue or other adhesive.

Dress pants creased
Give Your Slacks Superior Protection with Superior Trouser Hangers

Because of the genius design, Butler Luxury trouser hangers reduce the likelihood of causing damage, unsightly horizontal creases, or wrinkles to your trousers. Each Butler Luxury trouser hanger features an extra-thick, velvet-covered bar with a proven round bar that will never leave an impression on your material — unlike clip trouser hangers or wooden clamp trouser hangers.

In fact, even exceptionally slick and soft materials like Super 180's merino wool will confidently remain in place on Butler Luxury trouser hangers. While bar-type, open-ended trouser hangers are often too short, the extra-long length of Butler Luxury trouser hanger will accommodate any trouser shape or size. All of our trouser hangers are an expansive 17-inches wide with a pants bar that is 13.5-inches wide.


So don't settle! You and your clothes deserve the premium craftsmanship and detail only offered by Butler Luxury. For several years, our company has dealt exclusively with tailors, premier clothing designers, and hotels. And now you can bring this luxury home to your closet.

Learn more about proper care for your dress pants with our FREE guide.

Contact Butler Luxury today or browse our catalog for the finest in wardrobe storage accessories.

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