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Recreate Hollywood’s ‘Golden Age’ With These Women’s Vintage Coats

Recreate Hollywood’s ‘Golden Age’ With These Women’s Vintage Coats

As the cold weather approaches, you may be hunting for ideas to boost your outerwear wardrobe. Just because it's time for bundling up doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your style. 

These marvelous vintage coat ideas will keep you warm and show off your sleek fashion sense.

Many of these styles harken back to the golden days of Hollywood. It was a time when Hollywood starlets embodied the very definition of chic. 

These elegant, fresh, bold styles charmed their way into our hearts as timeless classics to enhance every style. 

Embroidered Coats Add a Pop of Color

There's no reason to settle for a drab, single-color coat when you have the option to make a bold statement with an embroidered coat. Customize it with embroidery that matches your favorite designs, and pair it with a belt to add a pop of color to your winter wardrobe. 

This Embroidered Wool Coat from Megan Park is sure to turn some heads! Likewise, the Embroidered Camel Hair Double Breasted Coat by Alexander McQueen is stunningly dashing.  

Embroidered items require a little extra-special care to keep the embroidery intact and beautiful.

Consider using a suit cover for embroidered coats to prevent other clothing items from snagging the embroidery threads. 

Faux Fur Will Keep You Warm and Fuzzy

When you want to feel luxurious, you cannot go wrong with a vintage faux fur coat. Whether you opt for faux fur lining, around the edges, or full-body, this style will keep you warm and looking elegant all winter-long. Some are even reversible to give you even more options.

Caring for faux fur coats will require a little extra maintenance. To remove dust and lint, try brushing the fur with a firm bristle brush. Above all else, make sure you stay out of the rain to add years to your coat's lifespan. 

Trench Coats to Add a Little Mystery

A vintage trench coat is a perfect addition to your wardrobe to add a little mystery and allure. This style is available in a wide range of cuts and fabrics to help craft the perfect look for any occasion. Indulge your daring side by checking out these leather trench coats that are sure to excite and tantalize! 

If you want your trench coat style to make a compelling statement, take a look at Burberry's Waterloo trench coat or the Burberry Studded Trench Coat

Trench coats are notorious for showing dust and lint on the shoulders and lapels. Keep your vintage trench coat dust-free with Butler Luxury's shoulder dust covers

Vintage Shawls and Capes 

You may need to stay warm for some occasions, but a full-coat just doesn't feel right. For these occasions, Hollywood starlets certainly knew how to rock exquisite shawls and capes. A shawl or cape can keep you warm without diminishing the impact of that glamorous evening dress. 

Storing a shawl or cape can be difficult if it doesn't have a clasp to hang securely on a regular wooden hanger. However, you can easily repurpose a wooden skirt hanger and hang it upside-down by the corners. Doing this will keep it secure in your closet no matter the fabric's thickness and will prevent pinch marks on the shoulders. 

Cashmere: The Perfect Coats for Professional Attire

For those times, when the office gets a little chilly, a vintage cashmere light coat will keep you looking smart and stylish. The Giacca Newbury Baby Cashmere Button Jacket by Loro Piana is perfect for a professional setting.

It offers a classic vintage look that is sure to spark a conversation in the break room. When you're ready to head out to that convention, arrive in style in Esme Mink Fur-Trimmed Cashmere Coat by Lafayette 148 New York

Keeping Your Coat and Accessories Protected & Organized

Refrain from hanging your coat on a hook or flimsy hangers. Using low-quality hangers increases the risk of breakage, adds unnecessary pressure on the shoulders, and decreases your jacket's lifespan. To keep your prized vintage coat in perfect condition while in your closet, you should opt for a sturdy wooden hanger with rounded-ends to reduce wear on the shoulders. 

Save time this winter by planning your outfits ahead of time. To help with planning, consider repurposing Butler Luxury's women's suit hangers to hold your coat, matching belt, and gloves, or other accessories to keep your matching ensemble within easy reach.

When the warm weather starts to return, and it is time to pack away your winter clothes, be sure to use shoulder dust covers or full-length suit covers to keep your coat protected and ready to go next season. We invite you to browse our entire selection of luxury wooden hangers that are the perfect complement to your vintage style!

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