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5 Suit Bags to Help Ensure Stress-Free Travel

5 Suit Bags to Help Ensure Stress-Free Travel

Finding the right suit bag is key to ensuring your formal outfits stay in shape when traveling or in long-term storage. These products are the traveler's most reliable option for carrying suits without acquiring wrinkles or unsightly garment damage. Investing in a robust and dependable suit bag eliminates the need for using an ironing board during your travels. 

However, finding the right suit bag is a challenging task for today's shopper as the market contains no shortage of cheap knockoffs. To ease your search, the guide below outlines 5 of the best suit bags that will keep your clothes safe, secure, and wrinkle-free.


Wallaby Pack of 5 PEVA Full Zipper Suit Bag

The Wallaby Pack of 5 PEVA Full Zipper Suit Bag is a lightweight and dust-proof suit bag that suits multiple uses. What makes this garment bag among the best is the durable polyester fabric that is not only protective but also lasts long. As the name suggests, it comes in a pack of five, which gives maximum value for your money.

It is ideal for keeping suits, trousers, shirts, tops, and even sports coats. The bag features a translucent window that makes it easy to identify the items inside without necessarily opening the zip.

Key Features

  • A translucent window for easy identification of clothes
  • Lightweight yet durable polyester construction
  • A pack of five bags
  • Machine washable
  • Water and mildew resistant

Butler Luxury Museum Quality Suit & Tuxedo Cover

Butler Luxury designed and manufactured a next-level garment bag in partnership with museum textile conservators. They are perfect for keeping your suits in pristine condition when traveling or storing them in the wardrobe.

This cover features 4" gusset buttons that prevent snags and the overlapping plackets prevent dust, light, and insects from damaging your suit.


Key Features

  • Designed and manufactured in Brooklyn, New York
  • Made using the same standards used to protect priceless historical and important garments in museums.
  • Overlapping covers protect your suit from light, dust, and insects
  • Large size holds more than one piece of clothing
  • Made from 100% cotton and free from bleach, dye, and other harmful chemicals
  • Machine washable 

This suit cover is sure to protect your clothing year-round, no matter the travel or storage details. Choose the option that will reliably shield your wardrobe, preventing clothes from rubbing against each other in the closet or when packed in a suitcase for a trip.


Plixio Garment Bag

Another quality suit bag is the latest garment bag from Plixio. It measures 40 X 24 inches with breathable construction for assured safe suit storage. Like other nicely designed suit bags, it features a transparent window that makes it easy to see the clothes in the bag. The included front zipper makes it easy to access the stored clothes.

Key Features

  • Large in size to store various clothes
  • Breathable material construction
  • Non-woven material makes it easy to fold and stack when storing
  • The included front zipper provides easy access to the stored clothes


TruMod Home Perfect Garment Bag for Suits

If you want to store and organize your suits, heavy coats, linens, and dresses at home, the TruMod Home Perfect Garment Bag for Suits is another good option. 

With this suit bag, you can keep your clothes organized according to color or tidy. The bag features a non-woven and breathable construction that keeps your suits safely during storage or travel. 

Key Features

  • Features stress-free deluxe zippers for smooth opening and closing
  • Lightweight and portable suit bag
  • Non-woven and breathable material construction
  • Suits home and travel use


AmazonBasics Premium Garment Bag

AmazonBasics is one of the leading suit bags manufacturers with numerous good reviews. The AmazonBasics Premium Garment Bag is a heavy-duty and well-constructed bag that can hold three suits with enough room for ties, belts, and shoes.

The bag has a small interior zipped pockets for additional storage and a deluxe pocket at the front for storing personal items, such as pens and notepads. Despite all this, the bag remains very portable. It has a detachable shoulder strap that makes it easy to carry along. 

Key Features

  • Multiple small zipped interior pockets add on its storage ability
  • Adjustable and removable shoulder straps for enhanced portability
  • Front pockets for personal items
  • Large in size


The Bottom Line

Suit bags are among the essential items for maintaining your suits and treasured garments in their best condition. Investing in the best suit bag ensures smoother travel experiences and a pristine event look to impress everyone present.

That aside, having the best suit hanger complements your best suit bag of choice. Suit hangers enable you to store your suits safely and efficiently - no matter the occasion.  

Butler Luxury provides the perfect mix of beauty and functionality in all their wardrobe accessories, including suit bags and hangers for every garment. Shop for suit hangers and garment bags with the utmost confidence in reliability and value from this luxury designer brand.


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