Frequently Asked Questions

How long do the hangers last?

Our luxury hangers are intended to last a lifetime; they are made of some of the finest Grade German beech wood.

What happens if the hanger breaks?

If the hanger arrives broken, we will replace it! However, we have not heard of one of the hangers breaking from any customer in many years.

Will the hangers snag my clothes? How smooth are they?

Our hangers are made with a very smooth finish and should not snag clothing in any way.

How much weight can each hanger support?

Up to 25 lbs.

Are these hangers shiny wood, or flat?

The wood has a matte finish, like fine furniture, and is not shiny or glossy.

Does the hook swivel?

Yes, the hook can turn, making it useful in different situations. The hooks are not screwed in, but they cannot fall out or be pulled out.

Can I use these hangers for winter coats?

Yes, absolutely!

Will these hangers leave bumps in my clothes?

If you get the correct size width for your suit size, they should not leave bumps in your clothes.

Will these hangers work for leather jackets?

They work very well for leather jackets.

What type of wood is the hangers made of?

They are made from Grade A German beech wood. For the Tailor Made® Rosewood hangers specifically, they are made of Grade A African Rosewood.

Can I also use the thinner hanger for my suits and/or jackets?

You can, but it may leave marks in the material.

Will the finish wear off from sliding things on and off the hanger?

We have not had anyone mention the finish wearing off in 8 years of operation.  And, we cater to very particular and demanding customers.

Do you make custom sized hangers if the shoulder width listed doesn't work for me?

Generally, we do not do that. However, if needed, we can make a minimum of 100 suit or coat hangers to a specific size.

Do these work for women's suit's as well?

Yes! They work very well for women’s clothing. Click here to browse women's hangers.

How long do the garment bags last?

It is the made from the same material the Metropolitan Museum of Art uses to store their priceless historical garments, so they are intended to last a very long time.

What is the advantage of storing my clothes in a garment bag?

It keeps the outside world from affecting the clothing material, such as insects or weather. It also keeps the clothing clean and unaffected by the garments hung next to them.

If the bag is too large for my clothes, is there a way to adjust it?

Please contact us about this.

How easy is it to remove your clothes from the bag once you need them?

Very easy! You simply unbutton a few buttons, and the garment comes right out.