Welcome to Butler Luxury! As a luxury design manufacturer that functions across the entire globe, our top priority is to make sure that luxury is achievable no matter where you are. Our home items can be found around the world for a multitude of premier clothing designers, tailors, and hotels, being recognized as the most demanding and best in their field. 

As many consumers of luxury cars or homes know, these items only stay luxurious with proper care and maintenance. Here at Butler Luxury, we want to help you provide the same standard of care for your clothing, high or low end, by allowing it to maintain the greatest integrity the moment you take it off the hanger. 

For the first time since our founding many years ago, we are offering some of our ultimate, very best items directly to the public. When you come to Butler, you can shop with the confidence and firm knowledge that what you buy is at the top of the mark in every way.