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Seven Women’s Trousers to Ring in the Autumn Breeze

Seven Women’s Trousers to Ring in the Autumn Breeze

Women's fashion continues to evolve every passing day. This continual progression leads to ever-increasing options for garments, color patterns, and finishes. Additionally, each season introduces different trends, and as such, it is essential to stay up to date. 

Autumn brings colder temperatures, causing women to switch to long pants and light jackets instead of lighter skirts and tops. Whether it's flared leggings or cozy treggings, we'll show you some of the best trousers to rock during the autumn months.

Flared Trousers

Flared trousers offer a variety of options that vary in regard to length and the flare's starting point. This feature usually starts at the hips or knee and extends downwards, depending on your preference. They may also be full length or cropped at the ankles. 

Depending on how you choose to accessorize, flared trousers are perfect for giving off different vibes. Try pairing these options with a half-tucked fluid for a taller, thinner look. Flared jeans, inspired by the 70s, are also an excellent option for vintage-themed outfits.

Cropped Trousers

These are trousers whose length does not go beyond the ankle. They are elegant and very comfortable while at the same versatile, as you can accessorize them with any kind of top. High-waisted cropped trousers look phenomenal when worn with a short top. 

They are perfect for showing off your legs, especially when they are narrow cropped trousers. They go well with any kind of shoes depending on the look you are going for.


Culottes are fashionable options, especially corduroy-made ones. These wide-cropped trousers usually drop to the knee or calf, closely resembling skirts. The secret to looking stylish while wearing culottes is picking the right top. 

Slim tops and cropped sweaters are the best options, as they contrast a culotte trouser's wide-flowing nature.  They are easy to stride and sit in, as long as they are properly cut. Both flat shoes and heels look trendy, but if you want to show off your height, then the latter should be your choice.

Palazzo Trousers

These loose-fitting bottoms, flaring from the waist, have very wide legs. They may either be high-waisted or low rise and are stylish and comfortable during colder months. Their versatility also allows you to wear them with any type of shoes, be it high heels or flats. 

Palazzo trousers are a great casual outfit that set themselves apart from the rest with ease thanks to their flowy movement on a breezy day. To flaunt the flair of palazzo trousers, a stretch top of contrasting color is your best option. 


These unique trousers are making a comeback, drawing inspiration from 80s fashion. Often looking like a dress on the outside with leggings underneath, they look amazing on any woman regardless of body shape or age. They have evolved over the years and go well with any kind of top and shoes. They are perfect for keeping legs warm on brisk walks through the leaf-strewn sidewalks. 

Boot-cut Trousers

These trousers have a flare at the cuff but are tighter from the waist to the knees. Jeans are the most common boot-cut trousers despite their evolution using other fabrics. 

Heels are often the right type of shoe to wear with these trousers. Cropped boot-cut jeans seem to be growing in popularity, especially when their length is right above the ankle. 


These are a portmanteau of leggings and trousers, creating a form-fitting, comfortable option to add to your wardrobe. They are perfect for flaunting curves and look very stylish when worn with almost any kind of top. Treggings are very comfortable since they feel like leggings despite looking like trousers. They offer a clean and sleek look you need to add to your closet immediately!

Use Quality Hangers to Care for New Autumn Wear

As you continue to upgrade your wardrobe with autumn wear, it is important to get luxurious yet strong hangers for your outfit. They ensure the durability of your outfit by preventing creasing. Hangers from Butler Luxury are not only elegant but also made with precision to suit your needs. Made from Grade-A European beech wood, they are professionally polished and have an executive finish. 

They are available in two colors - Dark Matte Walnut Espresso and Deep Butterscotch, both of which show their elegance. For trouser hangers, they have an extra thick velvet trouser bar that ensures that your trousers stay intact without marks. Suit hangers have a wide neck and broad shoulders to ensure that they hang as if they are on an actual human body. 

All hangers come with a swivel hook that allows you to remove clothes from the hanger with ease. Butler Luxury is the place to shop for a classy suit, coat, shirt, and women hangers.

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