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Save Time and Learn How to Move Clothes on Hangers the RIGHT Way

Save Time and Learn How to Move Clothes on Hangers the RIGHT Way

Hangers are a useful component in keeping any wardrobe organized, but they can be cumbersome to use in specific situations.


Whether it be moving to a new residence or taking a short trip for an important business meeting, it is essential to ensure that you do not damage clothing while in transit. 

These tips will save you time and effort the next time you need to move clothes already placed on hangers.


Garment bags are the ideal way to transport a special outfit for your trip. They can reduce wrinkles and protect your outfit from potential damage, such as a spilled beauty product or open food container. Garment bags free up space in your suitcase or carry-on. On flights, you may even be able to bring one in addition to your carry on. 

When packing a garment bag, make sure to pack clothes on specialty hangers and hang them properly. Pack clothes in the order that they will be worn to make things easy. Only pack clothing made from natural fibers. 

When you get to your destination, hang the garment bag in the bathroom. The hot steam will help remove wrinkles from these fabrics, and your outfit will be ready to wear! Consider investing in a quality bag, such as a suit or tux cover from Butler Luxury. A ripped or stained piece of clothing could make or break your big event. 


Moving can be a long and messy process. You want to protect your clothes while moving, but taking each item off the hanger, folding it, and putting it in a cardboard box can take a lot of time.

Using wardrobe boxes is the best way to pack clothes on hangers for moving. These large, rectangular cardboard boxes with hanging rods are very sturdy. Just move the hangers from your closet onto the hanger rod in the box and then close the box when it is full. This option keeps hangers organized and is quick and painless.

If you do not want to purchase wardrobe boxes or are only moving a few clothing items on hangers, you can use drawstring trash bags. Leave the clothes on their hangers and pull the bag up around ten to twenty hangers and then tie the drawstring around the hangers. Tying the hangers is important to ensure that the hangers stay tightly together and not make a mess. You can then transport the hangers as is or put them inside of a cardboard box. If you only have a few clothes on hangers to move, a garment bag also can do the trick, keeping your clothes clean and all in one place.


A garment rack can be a useful addition to your wardrobe. If you find your closet getting full, moving some clothes to a garment rack can free up space in your closet, allowing you to browse through all of the clothing items you own. You can also use a garment rack to showcase some of your favorite pieces or plan outfits.

When cycling through seasonal items and/or cleaning out your closet, temporarily hang hangers with clothes on a garment rack instead of putting them on the floor or bed. This saves you from having to re-hang or iron items. 

For important items that you do not often wear, store them in a suit or tux cover in your closet. These covers keep dust, light, and insects away from your cocktail ensemble or evening jacket. Do not use plastic bags, which trap moisture and emit gases that can harm your clothes. 

Give items that you care about the treatment that they deserve!

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