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Looking For An Alternative to Suits For Work? Try These Fresh Combos

Looking For An Alternative to Suits For Work? Try These Fresh Combos

Long gone are the days of yore when a razor-sharp business suit was required to get your foot in the building. While it never hurts to flex get your Madison-Avenue, dressed-to-the-nines business suit, times have changed. Today, your options are endless. 

You can sport dress slacks and a stylish blazer, dress slacks and a sporty button-up shirt, dress slacks and a classic polo, and countless other combinations. No matter what you wear, it's highly likely dress slacks will be an integral component of the ensemble. If not, you should reconsider. 

In either case, the style pros at Butler Luxury have highlighted a few of the top, modern ways to rock dress pants like Don Draper...but without the suit jacket. 


1) Make Your Dress Pants Work...with No Break!

Cuffed pant legsWhile older millennials tend to scoff at any pair of dress pants perceived as "high-waters," the tide has shifted. Younger professionals embrace new ways to wear dress pants - specifically related to how high the cuff should be. 

Today, nothing can trash a classic business casual look faster than wearing pants that are too long. As a result, make sure your dress pants have little to no "break" at the ankle, which likely means visiting a tailor.   

What is the “break,” you ask? This term refers to the creasing or fold of the fabric that forms at the front of your pant leg. The result is the creation of a remarkable silhouette against your shoes. It's critical to understand that the break is defined when you're standing — not sitting or walking. 

Learn more about mastering the break and how dress pants should fit in modern times from the experts over at Express. 

2) Go Ultra Modern with a Pair of Suspenders

Pants with suspendersIf you tire of the same look shirt, tie, and belt, throw a curveball at your look by sporting a pair of clever suspenders. Suspenders —also called suit braces — are long stylish strips of fabric worn over your shoulders (with the ultimate purpose of supporting your dress pants.) They can attach to your pants with buttons or clips and are available in different patterned shapes, such as "H," "Y," or "X" shapes. 

While suspenders pair wonderfully with a blazer or jacket, these ultra-modern accessories can anchor an outfit without any other outerwear. Want to learn more about pairing suspenders with dress pants? 

Our friends over at JJ Suspenders penned a crafty article on 5 Trendy Pants to Wear with Suspenders

3) Get a Coast for Your Waist

Man with vestOften representing a more genteel period, waistcoats are making a hardcore comeback, and it couldn't be a better time. What's a waistcoat, you ask? It's a fancy name for a vest. Today, the vest has become the iconic garment for anyone who loves classic elegance. Although it's often used as a component of a three-piece suit, the vest has taken on a life of its own.  

Offering function and form, this trendy wardrobe item is perfect for warmer weather when a suit jacket or blazer just feels too hot. You can wear the vest as a chic outer layer, giving you the smart, modern look most folks strive for. 

Learn all about vests, how to choose the one right for you, and how to wear your waistcoat in this DMARGE article

4) Contrast Shirt & Dress Pants for a Modern Look

Contrasting color suitWhen it comes to modern ways to rock dress pants, it's all about the color. While many traditionalists may suggest dress pants should be blue, black, khaki, or another muted color, we think you should embrace the entire spectrum! Today’s fashion options provide stunningly smart and sophisticated dress pants in just about every color — from pastels to bold patterns.                                                                                                                                      No matter the color you choose, one proven approach is to use a combination of contrasts. Attempting to use the same tones and colors could come out as traditionally dull. Instead, look to combine a mix of dark and light tones. If you wear a dark blue navy shirt, make that shirt pop with a khaki or cream pair of dress pants. 



5) Is It Sweater Weather Yet? 

Man with sweaterOnce the fall season ushers in pumpkin lattes, and cinnamon-apple everything, cooler temperatures usher in a wide array of warm sweaters. A well-fitted option is an excellent alternative to wearing a suit for work. 

Why? Because the sweater covers up a less-than-formal undershirt, meaning more comfort for you while remaining stylish. The right sweater and dress pants combo create a comfortable, yet elegant look. Here are a few excellent tips for making your sweater more business casual appropriate:

  • Simple solids are ideal for work or more formal settings.
  • A thick cardigan will work and play well with most dress pants.
  • Mix it up with turtlenecks, V-necks, shawl collars, and other sweaters to give it a fresh look every time. 

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