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How to Safely Transport a Suit on an Airplane

How to Safely Transport a Suit on an Airplane

Being a victorious road warrior (aka business traveler) isn't easy. In addition to grappling with air travel logistics and different airports, you must demonstrate the ability to quickly and effectively carry your suit on an airplane without getting overly wrinkled. The stakes can be elevated to higher levels when you have a business meeting or function short after landing. 

Since space is already at a premium on most airplanes, the experts at Butler Luxury have created a complimentary how-to guide to carry a formal outfit in-flight safely. Continue reading to learn more about transporting your suit on an airplane. 

Should I Check-In My Suit on an Airplane?

Above all, you should avoid checking your luggage if it has a suit. The baggage handlers treat your luggage and outfit with reckless abandon, and you're forced to wait at the baggage carousel once you arrive. In the unfortunate event your luggage is lost, you will open an entirely different can of worms. To avoid these unfavorable scenarios, do NOT check your luggage if you have a suit in your suitcase.

Transporting a Suit on an Airplane with a Garment Bag

Without a doubt, the best way to transport a suit on an airplane is with a premium garment bag. Whether you're traveling by bus, air, or car, the garment bag is designed to protect your suit, prevent wrinkles, and make transportation easy. 

Best of all, garment bags naturally allow you to hang your suit to prevent wrinkles safely. However, hanging your outfit may not always be an option on an airplane. To determine if your airline offers suit hanging capabilities, make sure you ask about its carry-on luggage restrictions. Another less-desirable option is to lightly fold the bag in half and place it in the overhead compartment. 

Transporting a Suit on an Airplane in Luggage

There are multiple ways to effectively, efficiently, and safely fold your suit for travel. The wrong way, however, is to wait 15 minutes before leaving for the airport to stuff everything inside of your suitcase. Instead, you can use the following steps to fold your suit and focus on saving space thoughtfully:

  1. Start by laying your suit jacket face down on a solid surface, such as a table or desk. Before laying the coat down, make sure to button the top button. 
  2. Fold the left shoulder of the jacket back, which will make the left lapel face upward. Then, fold the sleeve over to ensure the cuff's top corner meets the jacket's front. 
  3. Turn the jacket's right shoulder inside-out and then secure the left shoulder inside of it. After you turn the shoulder inside out, the inside of the jacket's right side should face upward. 
  4. Fold your jacket in half vertically and then fold it in half horizontally. When you fold the jacket lengthwise, the right and left shoulders should align. Make sure to wrap the bottom under the top when you fold it horizontally. 
  5. Place the folded jacket in the center of your slacks or trousers, so they cover the pants midway down the leg. 
  6. Fold your pants over the jacket by starting at the bottom, folding the trouser's waist over the bottoms. Finally, place the entire folded suit securely in a garment bag or garment cover to safely transport your outfit on an airplane.  

If this method doesn't suit your fancy, you can discover several alternative ways through a quick Internet search. In either case, once you've finished folding, you can confidently place your garments in a suitcase. 

You Successfully Traveled with a Suit on an Airplane...Now What?

When you arrive at your destination, you should quickly remove your suit from the suitcase and immediately hang it up. Most quality fabrics will promptly return to their regular lengths. As an added measure, you can hang your suit up in the bathroom as you shower to allow the steam to release any wrinkles it may have collected.

Another option is to call up the concierge and request they give your suit a proper steam treatment. One thing you should understand that even after you've transported your suit on an airplane and it has developed wrinkles, most outfits will come back to life after being hung up overnight. 

Contact Butler Luxury for Premium Hangers to Transport Your Suit on an Airplane

Traveling isn't easy, and taking a suit on an airplane can make it even more troublesome. However, there are several steps you can take to simplify taking your outfit on a plane. 

By making the most out of limited space, you can guarantee the confidence that naturally comes from a fresh suit. And the experts at Butler Luxury can help. We offer the best garment bags, suit covers, men's suit hangers, and women's suit hangers to help you save space, protect your treasured garments, and make the most out of every trip. 

Browse our entire collection. 

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