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5 Suit Accessories Every Man Should Invest In

5 Suit Accessories Every Man Should Invest In

While a flawless suit can elevate your confidence to the next level, the right suit accessories can take your entire ensemble into a new orbit. At Bulter Luxury, we're all about empowering you to look and feel your best. 

To materialize this goal, we've outlined a few of the top suit accessories every man should invest in. Continue reading to learn more about five essentials for men's suits

Package Everything Nicely with a Bow and/or Tie

Your suit isn't complete until you have the perfect tie or bow tie. And if you don't own this essential suit accessory, you're literally "half-stepping." 

Wearing a suit or tuxedo without a tie is fashion sacrilege. These essential suit accessories are the easiest way to complete your look without overdoing it or coming off as a proverbial "try hard." 

Best of all, there are one no-size-fits-all rules when it comes to ties. There are trillion-gazillion different tie options. Even if your suit has a formal appeal, you can include a brilliant splash of personality and tie it all together nicely with a tie.  

Invest in Tie Bars

Finding and maintaining the perfect look is fierce. For starters, the pesky tie often has a mind of its own. Instead of letting your tie run rampant, you can secure it in place with a tie bar. Boasting function and form, the tie bar is a small metal clip that is extremely fashionable and subtle. You can use these suit accessories to hold your tie in place while preventing it from getting wrinkled

If you're looking for super-expressive tie bars and suit accessories, Brummell Menswear confidently checks all of the boxes with everything from darts, keys, feathers, scissors, uzis, knives, and more. Not to mention, the music is a nice touch. For more a je-ne-sais-quoi look, mozy over to By Elias or Donald J Fuss Fine Woodworking and prepare to be wowed. 

Don't Be a Square — Use Pocket Squares 

When it comes to elevating your suit profile to the next level, don't be a square — use them. Pocket squares have garnered a lot of attention across all fashion circles. Don't be swayed by the relatively square selection of pocket squares available in department stores. 

Wondering how to choose the best pocket squares? Choose one that highlights the color of your shirt if you tend to lean more on the conservative side. Or you can throw caution to the wind and find a pocket square that completely clashes with the rest of your ensemble. This addition will infuse an energetic bolt to your look. 

Another option is to go with a white or neutral pocket square to tamper down a brightly patterned tie or loud suit. You can find pocket squares virtually everywhere, but Knotty Tie's pocket squares and Made Lifestyle Collection's suit accessories are among our favorite. 

Suit Accessories to Get You Cuffed Up

At first glance, cufflinks can come off a bit flashy or bourgeois. But you don't wear a suit every day (even if you do), and cufflinks can be perfect suit accessories to polish off a well-polished look. As french cuff shirts become increasingly popular, cufflink artists have embraced the trend and are rolling out an endless array of stylish cufflinks. Like tie bars or tie clips, these suit accessories span from simple to head-turning cufflinks fit for a museum. 

For more classic-style cufflinks and suit accessories, visit Augustus Hare. Forged from sterling silver and based in Birmingham, England, cufflinks from Augustus Hare offer classic style with modern patterns. 

Are you feeling a bit opulent? Cufflinks and suit accessories from Deakin & Francis come crafted from silver and gold with timeless gemstones like emeralds, rubies, and diamonds. 

And if you are more on the eclectic side with a flair for whatever is next, make sure to visit Great Falls Jewelry for dynamically stunning cufflinks and suit accessories. 

Socking It to a Brilliant Look

Rounding out our list of must-have suit accessories are socks. While suspenders were a close contender, socks have the subtle ability to elevate a good-looking suit to celestial status. T

Today, a growing number of high-profile business leaders are not shying away from sporting colorful socks. You can add a brilliant splash of your exuberant personality with a pair of bright socks without stealing the show from your excellent suit.

If you're on a tight budget, socks are everywhere — from Walmart to Target to Ross to TJ Maxx to _________(you fill in the blank). However, if you're looking to spend a little more on a fresh pair, make sure to check out The Tie Bar for a fantastic selection in all different styles. 

For those who like a more tampered-down, conservative look, Rancourt & Co will most likely fit your fancy.

Keep Your Suit Looking Great with Premium Hangers & Suit Accessories from Butler Luxury

Now that you've styled and profiled your look with the perfect suit accessories, it's of the utmost importance to keep it ready to go with premium suit hangers from Butler Luxury. 

At Butler Luxury, we offer premium high-quality wooden ties that are tailor-made for men and women's suits. While cheap wire hangers and cheap plastic hangers will let you and your outfit down every time, Butler Luxury offers an entire catalog of storage options to keep your suit showroom ready. 

Browse the entire Butler Luxury collection today!

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