Wooden Shirt Hangers with Notches by Butler Luxury

Shirt Hanger With Notches

Sets Price
1 - 2 $59.00 per set
3 - + $52.00 per set

SOLD IN SETS OF 10. For pricing on quantities greater than 9 sets, please give us a callQuantity discounts are calculated within the shopping cart. Click the cart link at the top of the page to view your discount.

We crafted each of our luxury shirt hangers from the same Grade A beech wood used for our luxury suit hangers and took the same care in finishing the beautiful wood with our signature Dark Matte Walnut Espresso finish with matte chrome hardware, a Deep Butterscotch finish with brass hardware, and Whitewash finish with matte chrome hardware. We would only add shirt hangers if they stood up to the same exacting standards as our luxury suit and trouser hangers. You can be sure your entire closet contains the world class standard for which our hangers became rapidly known—whether suits, coats, trousers or shirts. 

To enable you to hang as many shirts as possible in your closet, our shirt hangers keep a thin profile, yet purposely remain extremely strong and rugged. All notched shirt hangers are 16.5 inches wide.

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