Trust These Vendors When Shopping For Luxury Hangers Online – Butler Luxury

Trust These Vendors When Shopping For Luxury Hangers Online

Trust These Vendors When Shopping For Luxury Hangers Online

One of the most prominent shifts in our consumer-based society has been the switch to online shopping. The digital world has brought us great convenience, and so much is now at the world's fingertips. Without leaving your house, you can order new outfits, have groceries delivered, and book a dog-sitter for that weekend trip. If you need it, the Internet has it in stock.

For the fashion-conscious, both small and large brands offer a wide array of products via online stores. When it comes to luxury hangers, we've assembled your most trusted options in one place. All of the listed online stores feature an excellent mix of quality, value, and a history of superior customer service.

Henry Hanger

Henry Hanger

Henry Hanger Company was founded by Henry Spitz on a simple premise: why hang your personal or expensive garments on wire hangers that can cause wrinkling or damage clothing?

Upon visiting retail stores, Spitz realized the right hanger could improve the display aesthetic, making clothes hang and look better and ultimately increase sales. His son, Bernard Spitz, began selling hangers for the company while traveling the world. These two joined forces and presented the product concept to fine hotels and large retailers like Saks Fifth Avenue and JC Penney. 

Now, Henry Hanger services chic boutiques, TV personalities, A-list Hollywood celebs, and famous fashion design showrooms. It's deemed a garment industry icon operating in 3 states, with some factories overseas. 

Their luxury hanger styles feature satin and non-slip trouser bars, solid wood construction from materials like bamboo, and even a line of signature hangers made from acrylic.

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Hanger Project

Kirby Allison's Hanger Project

Kirby Allison created the world's first collection of luxury wooden hangers in collaboration with "tailors, dandies, and stylish men." 

The company's mission was simple - eliminate dimpling and collapsed shoulders. Kirby Allison's entire product line is earth-conscious, harvesting all their premium maple wood from sustainable and environmentally-friendly methods. 

Some hanger design features include felted trouser bars with multiple widths to accommodate any clothing shape and style. Suit hangers feature shoulder support technology to maintain the garment's original form. Hangers are available for blouses, jackets, skirts, and shirts and come in different finishes, including brass or chrome. 

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Butler Luxury

Butler Luxury 

Butler Luxury designs, manufactures, and distributes luxury home items throughout the world. Their client list includes premier clothing designers, tailors, and hotels recognized as the most demanding and best in their fields. 

For the first time since their founding, Butler Luxury recently made their line of luxury hangers available directly to the public. The products are nothing short of museum-quality, constructed from grade-A European beech wood, which is scratch-resistant and hand-polished. In addition, their hangers feature matte chrome or brass hardware, ensuring the entire product stands the test of time. 

Butler Luxury's hangers feature thick builds to hold wardrobe items no without fear of bending or breaking. Pant and skirt hangers feature extra-thick, round velvet bars that will never leave an impression. Suit hangers come with a wide neck to preserve the shape of the collar, and a 2.65-inch curved shoulder pad for the perfect jacket support.

Their shirt hangers are thin, but still durable and rugged, enabling you to hang multiple shirts on just one device. The coat hangers resemble the anatomy of the suit hangers, but without a trouser bar. 

Butler Luxury's hangers offer several styles and finishes, catering to the need of any article of clothing. Choose from dark walnut espresso, deep butterscotch, or whitewash options.

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Invest In Trusted Online Vendors

Before investing in a new vendor, make sure to read reviews, take a look at their company history, and overall digital presence. Your clothes deserve quality hangers that will both maintain shape and preserve their quality!