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Three Ways Cheap Metal Pant Hangers Are Ruining Your Outfits

Three Ways Cheap Metal Pant Hangers Are Ruining Your Outfits

Who doesn't love free stuff? Whether it's t-shirts, food, or drinks: is good. However, when it comes to your clothes hangers, cheap or free metal hangers can cost you more than you realize — a lot more. 

Because you care about the way you look and have invested a significant amount in your wardrobe, it only makes sense for you to invest in proper clothing storage solutions. Let's take a closer look at why cheap metal pant hangers should be avoided at all costs. In addition, we’ll show you better alternatives solutions for storing your treasured garments. 


Assortment of Hangers

Different Types of Pant Hanger Materials  

If you're looking to organize your closet, today’s online searches offer no shortage of options! There are several types of pant hangers to choose from, including:

  1. Tubular plastic pant hangers are arguably the most common option. These items are usually thin wire hangers with cardboard tubes around the bottom section to cradle trousers. People typically opt for these types of hangers because they are extremely easy to find and equally as cheap. They are available in a vast range of colors and sizes. 
  2. Wire and metal pant hangers are also extremely prevalent. So much so, most dry cleaners give them away - for free! As we mentioned previously though, just because it's free doesn't mean it's worth using. 
  3. Bamboo pant hangers may appear to be wooden, but are much more lightweight. These hangers are relatively affordable and durable. As an eco-friendly type of clothes hanger, they can be more expensive than wire and plastic, but will eventually degrade. 
  4. Wooden pant hangers are usually the strongest candidate. These accessories offer a strong mix of visual appeal and reliable protection for any trouser. Wooden pant hangers will not sag, can protect your clothes from being stretched, and have the longest lifespan of all materials. However, not all wooden hangers are created equally. 
  5. Velvet pant hangers are extremely soft and excellent for handling delicate pants without causing damage. They come in a range of varieties and colors. However, if cheap velvet is used, it can result in unwanted color transfer.  
  6. Satin hangers are stylish and boast contoured padding to prevent creases. With multiple color options and styles, satin pant hangers have an unmistakable elegant appeal. However, these types of hangers are not suitable for heavier clothing items. 


Broken metal hanger

Why Avoid Metal Hangers?

Wire metal-based hangers are cheap and don't take up a lot of room in your closet, but this is where the benefits end. Before you decide to trust your quality clothing with these accessories, make sure you understand the real costs.. 

They Can't Hold Much Weight

Whether you iron your pants yourself or take them to the dry cleaners to be pressed, you invest time and money into your wardrobe. Unfortunately, wire hangers have a high propensity to bend and wilt under the pressure of heavier fabrics. When this happens, your pants will naturally gravitate to the middle bend, which causes wrinkles

However, this is only the beginning. Wire is a very slick material, which means your pants are likely to slip off and end up in a crumpled heap in your closet. This can prove to be especially disastrous if you're transporting clothes in a garment bag. In the end, wire hangers can't hold their weight. Don’t rely on flimsy options. 

They Are Subject to Rust

Another reason your pants deserve better than metal hangers is due to this material’s potential to rust. Once the hanger begins oxidizing, it will transfer this stain to your garments. When this happens, rust is almost impossible to get out of fabrics - resulting in ruined garments. 

If you're the victim of a rusted hanger, all may not be lost. Learn a few tips and steps you may be able to take to remove rust stains from your clothes

They Promote Organization Chaos

If you use wire or metal pant hangers in your closet, you'll end up dealing with a tangled, messy situation. This scenario can make it difficult to find the pair of slacks or dress pants you want when you need them. 

All wire hangers come designed so the metal is twisted around the hook. While some hanger manufacturers go a step farther and attempt to cap this sharp, jagged edge, it's not a feature one can rely on. All it takes is for this sharp wire edge to tear or snag a section of your garment and you’ll be planning to visit a tailor for repairs. Ever worse, you may end up needing to discard the garment due to irreparable damage. Simply put, you'll be best suited to not get tangled with metal pant hangers. 


Array of suits

Trust Reliable Pant Hangers From Butler Luxury 

In the end, you owe it to yourself to invest in quality hangers to protect your outfits. Butler Luxury offers the creme de la creme of premium clothes and pants hangers. Our pant hangers are meticulously crafted from the finest materials and most elegant finishes. 

While other wooden hangers may be pieced together with different pieces of wood and some adhesive, all Butler Luxury pant hangers are forged from a single piece of solid Grade A Beech Wood specially imported from Germany. 

Your pants will rest gently on a premium round, velvet-covered bar that is versatile enough to accommodate even extremely slick and soft materials such as Super 180's merino wool. 

Designed for pants of all sizes, Butler Luxury's premium pant hangers will be the last hanger you'll ever need to purchase. 

Learn more about caring for your dress pants and shop Butler Luxury’s unbeatable selection today!

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