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These 5 Strategies Make Purse Storage & Protection a Priority

These 5 Strategies Make Purse Storage & Protection a Priority

After purchasing designer handbags and other pretty purses that caught your eye, the next step is to store them safely and securely. When cared for properly, a well-made bag could last for years (if you don’t tire of it first!). 

Plus, purse storage is an essential part of a neat, organized closet. Real wardrobe zen is attractive to access space that puts you in the right state of mind to start and finish each day.

You can choose from different strategies to store and protect your purses based on your available shelf or wall space and collection size. You may want to use one storage solution or combine multiple options to fit your needs. Here are five paths to consider. 


1. Install Shelving

Shelving is perfect for bag storage. Quickly line up and display bags that stand up by themselves using this method. 

You may consider shelf dividers or cube shelves that hold each bag in its own section to help with organization. Also, shelving works well if you’d rather not hang a bag by its handle/strap or it doesn’t have one, as can be the case with a clutch.


2. Use Hooks

Pretty much any type of hook will do for hanging purses with handles or straps. This approach is excellent if you have a fair amount of wall space or some hooks built into your custom closet. 

To add hooks, you could use a wall-mounted coat rack or shelf with hooks lined up along it, or install numerous individual hooks along a wall, placed however you see fit.


3. Specialty Bag Holders

Organizers made just for purses are great for maximizing space by lining up bags vertically. 

You hang each bag on a hook by its handles or strap, with one bag overlapping the next one’s handle or strap. You have the choice to hang the bags on the back of your closet door or along a wall.


4. Bins, Boxes, and Cubbies

Another purse storage option is to use containers like bins, cubbies, or boxes. You could opt for clear plastic bins that allow you to easily see your purse selection, cubbies that perfectly fit your shelving, or decorative boxes that put a smile on your face. 

Once you've stored your bags inside, put the storage containers on shelves, on the floor, or inside a cabinet or drawer, depending on your space.


5. Quality Hangers

Using hangers for your purses is another option, especially if you have a closet bar space available. Specialty purse hangers exist for this occasion, or you could simply use clothing hangers. We recommend choosing high-quality hangers that meet the quality of your handbags. 

Consider our Butler wooden women's coat hangers for a premium look and heavy-duty construction that can hold large bags. You may even want to get creative by using women's suit hangers or women's skirt hangers with clips that could hold a clutch or a purse by its handles/strap.

Disorganized closet

Make Purse Storage Part of Your Smart Storage Strategy

While we think purse storage is a priority, it’s just one piece women's wardrobe organization. For the most clutter-free, efficient closet, it's just as important to properly store and organize the rest of your clothing and accessories. 

One of the ideal ways to achieve an organized closet is with luxury wooden hangers for women, which you’ll find in Butler Luxury's online store. 

Also, read our guide: Butler Luxury’s Secret Handbook for Women’s Wardrobe Optimization for tips on taking your closet organization to the next level.

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