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The Warm Weather Wearer's Guide to Dress Pant Fabrics

The Warm Weather Wearer's Guide to Dress Pant Fabrics

In as much as most of us enjoy warm weather, let us face it, sometimes the heat can become unbearable. As such, men living in a tropical climate should wear dress pants whose fabric allows them to enjoy the warm weather, no matter how hot it gets. 

Understanding the fabric used to make your dress pants is the first step, as covered in our previous article in this series. It is important to wear pants with breathable and absorbent fabrics to maintain style. We’ll break down the best fabric options for those living in perpetually warm weather.


The majority of menswear is cotton-made. Cotton is a naturally breathable fiber that absorbs moisture very fast and allows your body to cool down. Not only is it light, but it also soaks up sweat fast ensuring that the body is cool in no time. Cotton is very versatile and comes in different colors thus easy to style to suit your needs. 

It is also very durable and comfortable. Yet, cotton gets wrinkled fast so blending it with other fabrics like polyester is an option.


Like cotton, linen is also a natural fiber that is loosely woven so it has high air permeability. Linen is more durable and easier to care for, making it an excellent option for dress pants fabric in warm weather areas. It does not stick to the body, making it a great choice of fabric for dress pants, but it is very prone to wrinkles. Although with time they get better, blending linen with other fabrics gets rid of the elasticity that causes wrinkles.


It is an artificial fabric made from cotton, wood pulp, and other natural synthetic fibers. Due to its cost-effectiveness, versatility, and soft nature, it has become commonplace in today's fashion world. Rayon is lighter and more breathable than other fabrics as it has very thin fibers. But, it tends to shrink when washed in warm weather and thus requires dry cleaning.  


Although it has similar characteristics to denim, chambray is lighter and more breathable. This is because it is woven with more cotton threads making it fine in texture. Chambray, especially darker shades, absorbs a lot of sweat thereby cooling the body. 

This fabric is a great option for dress pants fabrics in warm weather. It is now that it is available in different colors, instead of the traditional blue, making it easy to style.


This fabric has evolved a lot over the years. Jersey was woolen when it was first made but it has since evolved into blends of wool, cotton, and synthetic fibers. Jersey is not only comfortable due to its ability to stretch but also very absorbent and breathable thanks to the cotton. This ensures that the body gets rid of sweat very fast thereby making it a great option for dress pant fabric in warm weather.

Dress Pant Fabrics to Avoid During Warm Weather


This fabric is not breathable at all. Although durable, it repels water since its fabric is a synthetic polymer. As such, whenever you sweat, it holds in all the sweat causing discomfort, especially on a very sunny day. Even when blended with natural fibers such as cotton, the outcome is the same. 


This fabric is synthetic and silky. Despite their elasticity, nylon dress pants do not absorb moisture at all and as such, they are a bad choice for warm weather. This fabric tends to trap sweat and body odor thus, its synthetic nature may result in skin issues.


Like nylon, this fabric has one of the worst breathability as it comes from synthetic polymers. Despite its excellent wicking abilities, this fabric causes dress pants to feel hot. This causes great discomfort, thus making acrylic a bad fabric for warm weather clothes.


With the right styling, leather dress pants look great in a business casual setting. But, leather fabrics, made from animal skin, only do great in cold weather due to their ability to keep the warmth. In hot weather, due to their inability to breathe, leather dress pants unnecessary discomfort.

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