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The 3 Best Ways to Store Your Skirts

The 3 Best Ways to Store Your Skirts

here are multiple types of skirts in dozens of materials. Though these items play a prominent role in many women’s wardrobes, you may be surprised how many mistakes you’re making in caring for them. 

For instance, many women wash their skirts too often. Since they aren’t close to your sweat glands, you can – and often should – wear them three or more times before washing them. This step lengthens the life of your skirt. 

Another mistake women make is in storing skirts is by folding them in half and either putting them into a drawer or over a hanger. These resulting creases are a nuisance in fabrics you can iron, but they are almost irreversible in delicate materials like leather. 

Don't make the same mistakes in your skirt storage. Here, we’ll detail our best skirt storage tips, so your skirts are mark-free when you’re ready to wear them. 

1) Clean Out Your Closet and Keep Only Your Favorites 

 An overstuffed closet is the surest way to shorten the lifespan of your skirts. Skirts are often beaded, tiered, embroidered, or pleated, meaning that they need room to breathe in your closet. If they’re jammed up against other clothing, especially zippered or buttoned garments, they are likely to be damaged. 

Pruning your wardrobe, so garments have breathing space is one of the best tips to store your clothing—all of it. 


2) Remove Your Dry-Cleaned Skirts from Their Bags 

Skirts that are dry-clean-only require immediate and regular maintenance. If you do spill something on a delicate skirt, the first step is to dab away the substance and then take it to the dry cleaners as quickly as possible. There, explain what you spilled on the skirt and when; this will help them clean your skirt the best they can. 

Once you bring the skirt back from the dry cleaners, remove it from the bag as soon as possible. Not only do these bags trap excess moisture from the cleaning process, but the plastic also likely contains butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT), a substance that can cause your clothing to yellow. 

What’s more, dry cleaners often return your clothes on metal hangers, which can crease and misshape your skirts. 


3) High-Quality Clip Hangers Are Your Best Bet

You don’t want to use plastic or metal hangers for any of your wardrobe items. These materials simply aren’t sturdy enough for fabric and will inevitably twist, bend, or snag your garments. 

This statement is also true for skirts. We’ve seen many women use the bar in the hanger to hold skirts, but, as mentioned earlier, this creates a crease.

The flouncier and less form-fitting a skirt, the simpler it is to store. More structured skirts, like pencil skirts or A-line skirts, are often made in more structured materials, making them more prone to wrinkling, lines, or marks made from clip hangers.

To prevent marks, choose skirt hangers with adjustable clips. Butler Luxury’s Women’s Skirt Hanger has both the strength to hold heavier skirt (or pant) materials and two metal clips that prevent creases in the skirt. Unlike other hangers, Butler’s hangers are a pleasure to look at, too, in finishes like Dark Matte Walnut Espresso with matte chrome hardware, Deep Butterscotch with brass hardware, and Whitewash with matte chrome hardware.

4) Prevent Hanger Clip Indentations with One of These Ideas

Skirts in mainly delicate fabrics may see marks on the material even when using high-quality hangers. So, when hanging skirts that may attract creases, it’s a good idea to try one of these suggestions: 

  • Hang your skirt inside out, so clip marks are only inside the skirt’s lining. 
  • Prevent marks by pressing credit cards or tissue paper between the clips and the skirt. 
  • Gather the edges of your skirts, so the clip-on marks are on the inside. 


5) To Extend the Life of Your Wardrobe, Start with the Right Hangers 

In creating a high-quality wardrobe that will last for years, the first step is purchasing high-quality skirt hangers that don’t leave marks. Butler’s wooden hangers ensure that your closet will be as stylish as your outfit and that your clothes will be ready to wear whenever you need them. 

For more tips for optimizing your closet storage, check out our guide, “Butler Luxury’s Secret Handbook for Women’s Wardrobe Optimization.”  

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