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Sport Of Kings

Sport Of Kings

Polo. Commonly referred to as the “sport of kings”, originated in India in the 6th century BC. Initially played by Maharajas, princes, sultans and other royalty, the equestrian sport has since become Anglicised and today is an international sport no longer relegated to kings, but is still a preferred athletic pursuit for international luminaries. Here, we offer a few ways to dress for a proper chukka–or quarter as more commonly understood in Western sport.

If you plan on participating in the World Polo Cup on Snow, the annual international polo competition between BMW, Cartier, Ralph Lauren on a frozen lake high in the Swiss Alps ski resort town of St. Moritz in the Engadin valley, then proper riding boots are essential. Casa Fagliano is one of the premier providers of bespoke riding boots. Based in Hurlingham, Argentina, this family owned business has been perfecting the craft of boot making since 1892. Manufactured in the finest and strongest full grain leathers, these boots will only become more soft and supple over time while retaining their form and structure. Offered in several models from closed, laced, buckled, zipped and “Texan”, these boots are made with special reinforcements and adjusted heels for riding and polo play for long-lasting wear and enduring beauty.

Casa Faglio
Another Swiss annual equestrian sporting event, the international White Turf races, are an opportunity to compete against other riders in a fierce racing competition either on horseback or by buggy around the frozen lakes of St Mortiz. Casablanca, a luxury provider of polo and riding equipment for men and women will equip you with some of the best made to order boots available on the market. Upon ordering a measurement form will be sent to the buyer to record their precise measurements accounting for boot height, calf circumference, and foot length for the best possible fit. With or without zippers or buckles, and manufactured with a unique 3 layer construction these boots add maximum protection and lasting style while riding.

White Turf races

Polo is not regulated to equine alone. Since it’s inception in 1982 The World Elephant Polo Association fosters and promotes the sport of polo played on elephants in the annual World Elephant Polo tournament played in a small circuit between Nepal and Thailand. The health and welfare of the elephants used in elephant polo tournaments is of prime concern. Abuse of the elephant is considered to be the most serious offense.