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Plastic, Wire, or Wood? A Guide to Buying Women’s Hangers

Plastic, Wire, or Wood? A Guide to Buying Women’s Hangers

Many women spend time and money investing in a wardrobe. You select the pieces you love and hope that they'll last you for years. But then, your delicate blouse gets a crease in the shoulder that won’t iron out. Though you've hardly taken it off the dry cleaner's wire hanger, your high-quality sweater gets stretched out.

The pieces you’ve chosen are well-made, and you’ve followed all requirements for washing your clothing. So, what’s the problem? 

It’s probably your hanger. A hanger's material – plastic, wire, or wood – affects your clothing's long-term quality. Here, we’ll discuss the differences between these types of hangers and how to extend – or diminish – the life of your clothes. 

Plastic Hangers 

Plastic hangers are ubiquitous because they’re cheap, colorful, and easy to find. Some benefits of plastic hangers are they don't get dirty easily, and they won't pick up rust, mold, and fungus. What’s more, these hangers can hold more weight than alternatives without breaking. 

Plastic hangers aren’t an ideal solution for clothing care in a lot of ways, however. If you’ve invested in a nice wardrobe – not to mention a nice closet – these garish plastic hangers can cheapen your nice things. You also can’t hang every item of clothing on them: wide-neck shirts will fall off, while heavier items tend to make the plastic sag. 

If you’re concerned about the environment, plastic hangers are not the type of hanger to choose. They’re not sustainable to produce and don’t last for long. If you don’t like to replace items regularly, plastic hangers aren’t the choice for you. 

Wire Hangers

Compared even to plastic hangers, wires don’t have many advantages, aside from price. They are the cheapest hanger option, and if you need to bend the hanger into a specific shape – say for hanging scarves – you have that option. 

Other than that, there aren’t many reasons to choose wire hangers. As mentioned before, wire hangers can create permanent creases or bumps on your clothing and may otherwise alter your items’ fabric, especially if they’re heavy. Further, the sharp edges of wire hangers can rip or otherwise damage your clothes. 

In terms of longevity, this hanger is lacking, too. These hangers may rust and bend, meaning that you’ll have to throw them out and replace them. 

Wooden Hangers 

As opposed to the alternatives, wooden hangers solve the most common hanger problems. They’re made from the most robust material on this list, meaning that you can hang your bulkiest items on them without worrying about either your fabric or your hanger. Further, unlike wire or plastic, wooden hangers won’t bend, which indicates that your material won’t lose its shape, no matter how long you keep it in storage. 

In terms of the hangers themselves, they also have their advantages. From a design perspective, wooden hangers elevate your closet and your clothes, adding an air of sophistication to even your simple pieces. Further, wooden hangers are sustainably produced and are much more durable than either plastic or wire. 

Wooden Hangers Preserve the Lives of Your Clothes

Your clothes will last longer if you care for them with the highest-quality hangers. Butler Luxury’s women hangers are not merely made from wood but come constructed from Grade A Beech wood – known as the highest-quality wood type available. 

In addition to choosing a luxury hanger option, you also want to make sure that you’re selecting the right type of hanger for your types of clothing. Butler Luxury offers hangers for specific clothing items: 

  • Our Woman’s Suit Hanger accommodates both a suit jacket and a skirt or pair of slacks.
  • Our Shirt Hanger or Shirt Hanger with Notches keeps the shape of your button-down shirts, sweaters, or pullovers, with the added option of a notched hanger for external or internal straps. 
  • Our Women’s Skirt Hanger has pins that will hang up your skirt while preventing wrinkles and sagging. 
  • Our 100% Silk Padded Hanger protects your delicate items or sweaters with authentic white silk and silver hardware. 

To ensure the best care for your luxury clothing, outfit your closet with a variety of wooden hangers from Butler Luxury. Browse our online collection of women’s suit hangers today. 

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