How to Properly Hang Clothes (and What You’ve Been Doing Wrong)

How to Properly Hang Clothes  (and What You’ve Been Doing Wrong)

When your clothes look clean, pressed, and professional, so do you. 

But when it comes to proper clothes storage, are you using the right hangers? It's convenient to purchase cheap plastic hangers from the grocery store or reuse wire ones from the dry cleaner. However, investing in the wrong clothes hangers can cause avoidable damage over time.

Your garments spend most of their lives resting on hangers, and you must have the right tool to fit the needs of each. Opting for felt or wooden hangers is a great start and provides a superior cradle for your prized possessions. But even the best options rely on proper hanging techniques. 

Here are some tips on how to properly hang your various clothing items with care.


Hanging shirts



Let's start with your shirts! The most critical situation to avoid with these clothing items is stretching. Certain items are more prone to losing their shape over time when placed on hangers. These include sweaters, knits, and tees. Opt to fold these items unless they have the following:

Hanging Loops

When hanging your tops, check if they have hanging loops inside the garment. At first glance, they may seem pointless and annoying, but don't cut them off! The loops are critical in removing pressure from the more narrow parts of the garment when you hang the item. 

Button-down Fronts

If your shirt has buttons, always make sure to have the top one buttoned. Also, make sure at least every other button is done up, as greatly aids in preserving the garment's shape. Also, to avoid wrinkles and creases, give your garments a little wiggle room between hangers when hanging your clothes.

The Secret Sweater-Folding Technique

If you don't have drawer space for your sweaters, there's a trick to hang them that preserves their shape. Fold the item in half vertically, hang the sleeves on one side and the body on the other, like this. 


Not all bottoms need storage on hangers, but dress pants, skirts, suede/leather pants, or skirts should always be candidates.

Leather items should receive the most attention! These garments crease easily and should never get steam treatment. If they stay folded for long periods, they can suffer from permanent wrinkling. Hang these without reservation!

When folding pants, begin by overlapping them lengthwise and hang them over a traditional hanger's rod. When using a specialized trouser hanger with a clamp, make sure to attach the item by the cuff. 

Skirts, often made from more delicate materials and prone to wrinkles, use a hanger with adjustable clips. When attaching the garment, place a small piece of tissue paper between the clip and fabric as a protective layer. 

For bottoms made from more delicate fabrics, such as silk, opt for a padded or slim hanger using the same folding method mentioned above. 



Formal Wear

Your suits and gowns are best-maintained by using fully contoured hangers offering plenty of support for shoulder the shoulder areas. 

The best suit hangers should be wide in width, but not extend beyond the point where the shoulder meets the suit's sleeve. For optimal support, the trouser bar should be flocked or felted to prevent creasing and wrinkles. 

Most gowns benefit from placement on wooden hangers, although needs may vary depending on the length and material. If you have a floor-length, expensive evening gown, it's best to hang it on a hanger with a trouser bar, allowing you to secure the bottom of the dress back at the top and keep it off the floor.

Strapless gowns benefit from a hanger with adjustable clips. Items with thin straps are best hung from hangers that have grooves for holding garment loops.


Hanging Outerwear


Though most outerwear usually ends up on a coat rack by the door, this is not the best practice for caring for these items. Coat hooks put constant stress on a specific location and cause stretching and ripping concerns. Use a broad-shouldered hanger made from solid materials to place your coat. Your outerwear requires similar care as suit jackets do!



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