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How A Shirt Should Fit

How A Shirt Should Fit

The web is full of how-to’s and DIY’s. From the head-scratching (how to pet a cat) to the hipster (how to grow your beard faster) to the honestly helpful (how to extend the life of your engine). And legit or simply lol-worthy, these tips are one of the handiest aspects of anytime-anywhere access to the internet.

One of our favorite sites to hit-up when we’re in need of someone in the know, is Real Men Real Style. The database of tutorials on covers so many topics, it’s always our first stop when looking for info, be it style, grooming, travel, fitness—you name it. 

This tutorial, highlighting how a dress shirt should fit, is one of our favorites. It’s not rocket science, and yet, the devil is in the details. There’s even a video. But don’t take our word for it…

Watch the video tutorial...


So now you know how important the correct fit is. The next step is to care for that perfectly-fitting shirt. And that's where Butler Luxury comes in. We craft each of our luxury shirt hangers from the same Grade A beech wood used for our luxury suit hangers, and took the same care in finishing the beautiful wood. And, to enable you to hang as many shirts as possible in your closet, our shirt hangers keep a thin profile, yet purposely remain extremely strong and rugged.

Our shirt hangers are sold in sets of 10, and you may choose either 16.5 and 18 inches wide. Not only will your shirts fit YOU perfectly, they will fit their hanger as well, guaranteeing a long life while retaining their shape.

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Real Men Real Style founder Antonio Centeno studied style in London, Hong Kong, and Bangkok and is a former US Marine Officer with an MBA from UT Austin and BA from Cornell College.