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5 Tools To Travel The World In Comfort & Style

5 Tools To Travel The World In Comfort & Style

When embarking on international travel, comfort and style are paramount to enjoying a successful trip. Here, we recommend five tools for the well-heeled man traveling across seas or cross-country to arrive in both style and comfort. Some are extravagant, some are basic. All are essential to men of international leisure.

Some earplugs keep out noise. Others keep out pain. These are the latter. Traveling at 30,000 feet causes pressure in the ears and can be painful for some. These earplugs from EarPlanes open your ear canal and allow for maximum circulation. Popular with both pilots and flight staff alike, you know they are the real deal.

Travel Pillow & Eye Mask
You may think this cashmere pillow and eye mask set are a bit over the top. You may be right. But try flying over 20 hours, and three time zones using the all-too-small and much too uncomfortable pillows provided by the airlines and you’ll see this pillow and eye mask combo from Mark and Graham will pay for itself over time. Crafted in 100% cashmere with silk trim and stuffed with genuine goose and duck feathers, it is both warm and inviting.

Mark and Graham cashmere eye pillow and cusion

Shoe Stuffs
Traveling with multiple shoes can be heavy. Very heavy. Using standard shoe trees is ill-advised for carry-on luggage unless you plan on visiting a chiropractor upon arriving at your destination. Try these lightweight cedar shoe stuffs from The Container Store that easily slide in and out of shoes to keep them fresh and retain their shape without adding cumbersome weight. Your feet will thank you later.

Shoe stuffs from The Container Store

Slippers on a plane? Better than snakes on a plane. Long haul travel at high altitudes causes excess blood to flow to your feet and ultimately cause swelling up to two sizes larger in many cases. You will be glad you have these open heel slippers from Derek Rose in Nappa leather with suede bottoms to slide your feet in and out of on the plane until your limbs revert to their original size.

Mr. Porter Slippers

Compression Socks
Another option for decreasing the potential discomfort from your lower extremities swelling and contracting. These over the calf compression socks from Falke knitted in a combination of Wool, Polyamide, Cotton, and Elastane will keep your feet warm and dry while providing the right amount of tension to help stimulate blood flow.

Falke socks