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Bring Order to Your Intimates With These Five Bra Storage Ideas

Bring Order to Your Intimates With These Five Bra Storage Ideas

You’ve searched high and low to collect all the bras you need – the sports bra, the backless bra, the padded bra, the t-shirt bra. All women know what it’s like to struggle to find the right bra for the occasion. After all, undergarments make the outfit.  

But once you have a wide selection of bras, another concern arises: where should you store them? What’s more, how can you store your undergarments so they retain their shape and longevity? 

Here, we’ll discuss the five best strategies for efficient bra storage.

1) Never Crumple or Fold Your Bra Cups

The cardinal rule of bra storage is to always maintain the shape of the cups. If you fold your bras or crumple them, even when you’re packing, they likely will never maintain the shape they had before. No matter if you choose closet storage or drawer storage, you should never jam your bras into an overfull drawer or suitcase and expect them to keep their shape.

2) Create An Over-the-Door Hanger Rack For Easy Access

If you store bras in a drawer, it can be difficult to find them again. You don’t want to have to dig through a drawer full of socks, underwear, and bras to find what you’re looking for. 

That’s why an over-door set of hangers is so time-saving. Simply create a hanging wall of hangers that you can then install over your closet door. Not only are you using all your closet space, but you’re also able to spot each bra easily, without digging. 

3) Hang Bras From the Cups After Washing Them

Most experts recommend never throwing your bras in the dryer. They can get crushed even in delicate dry cycles, or lose their shape when thrown in with other clothing. 

Instead, decide if you want to hand-wash your delicates or protect them in a bag while they in the washing machine. 

After that, drip dry them on a hanger with clips. However, don’t secure the bra to the hanger with the clips; the heavy water can weigh the bra down. Instead, secure the bra cups to the hanger, so the bra can dry while maintaining its shape. 

4) Store Bras With Enough Room to Breathe

Like other clothing, bras need enough space to breathe. Otherwise, bras can bleed their colors onto each other, share smells, or lose their shape if they’re stuffed in with each other or with other garments. 

So, as you hang your bras, make sure to give them sufficient space. 

5) Color-Coordinate Bras So You Remember to Rotate Them Periodically

Changing your bra every two to three days, and then washing it, preserves the life of the bra. If you wash your bra after every wear, you’re probably over-washing the bra, which can hurt it. However, if you wear a bra for longer than about three days, you’re probably diminishing its quality with sweat, deodorant, and other harmful substances.

However, it can be difficult to remember which bras you wore and for how long. That’s why you should color-coordinate your hanging bras. This way, you can remember to rotate your bras based on a color-coded system that reminds you to change them in and out.

Bra Storage Mastered. What’s Next? 

Proper bra storage is necessary for many reasons, from simplifying outfit planning, to preserving the shape and function of your undergarments. If you’re ready to overhaul your bra storage, Butler Luxury’s wood hangers are the best place to start. Quality hangers – not plastic or metal ones – prolong the lives of all of your garments. 

Try purchasing a hanger with clips for drip-drying your bras after washing. Next, create a door of hanging hangers made from attractive rosewood for added style. 

Of course, developing organizational strategies for your bras is only the first step. You can streamline getting dressed by modifying your storage strategies for your sweaters, blouses, pants, skirts, and dresses, as well. Check out Butler Luxury’s Secret Handbook for Women’s Wardrobe Organization for advice.

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