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5 Zipper Repair Steps for Coats

5 Zipper Repair Steps for Coats

We all know the feeling of pulling our favorite coat out of the closet only to discover it has a broken zipper. This can be frustrating, but a broken accessory like this is no reason to discard the entire garment. 

Whether you can't close the zipper or the item’s teeth are misaligned, there is usually a simple repair process using only common household tools. We’ll show you how.


Understanding How Zippers Work

Zipper teeth are made up of hooks and hollows. The mechanism that attaches these pieces is called the slider. When the zipper is functioning, the strip pushes the teeth together and stays closed. Later, when you unzip a garment, the wedge within the zipper slider detaches the teeth by pushing against their slanted edges. The zipper pull tab attaches to the slider to make it easier to close and is usually an ornamental accent.


What Causes Broken Zippers?

Zippers that don’t work properly usually happen for a few reasons. The most common is that a piece of fabric gets stuck in between the zipper teeth, causing them to be unable to connect. Zippers that are used often also more susceptible to problems. When you regularly pull up a zipper, its locking mechanism is more likely to move out of place.  

Solutions to Common Zipper Issues

Problem #1: The zipper won’t slide easily. 

Yanking at your zipper to get it to move causes more problems in the long run. In order to lubricate a zipper, use a graphite pencil or WD-40 to coat the metal in a substance that will make it move with more ease.

Problem #2: Cloth is stuck in your zipper. 

If you get cloth or even small threads stuck, your zipper will no longer function properly. To fix a zipper with this problem, reach for Vaseline and tweezers. Work the Vaseline into the part of the zipper that’s stuck; this can often dislodge the cloth there. You may also need to pick out the fine, small threads with tweezers.

Problem #3: The sides of the zipper separates after closure.  

This is a more complicated fix than the other two. First, find a pair of pliers and remove the bottom zipper stop. Next, move the slide to the bottom teeth. From here, reorient the teeth’s hooks and hollows so they all align properly. 

Now, move the slider to the top of the zipper. Finally, thread a needle with heavy thread and stitch through the side of the zipper not facing outwards from the garment. You’ll make six or seven stitches to fully re-close the bottom of the track.

Problem #4: The zipper won’t stay up. 

Just like the teeth, the slider can also get worn out. To fix it, pull out your pliers again. You want to squeeze the parts of the zipper facing inwards towards the coat and outwards back together. Pay attention to the part of the slider that closes the teeth. Next, make this gap smaller by squeezing the two parts back together with the pliers.  

Caring for Your Favorite Coats 

Broken zippers are only one issue that can go haywire on your favorite coats. There are many other issues that coats can have if you don’t store them properly. For instance, if you store your coat on a weak plastic hanger, especially for months, it's likely to lose its shape. If you throw a coat onto a metal hanger, its fabric could snag or pull.

The best way to ensure the longevity of your favorite outerwear is by hanging it on sturdy wooden coat hangers from Butler Luxury

Not only will your outerwear retain its shape, but the fabric will also remain as elegant as the day it was purchased. What’s more, Butler Luxury’s hangers look sophisticated, so it will be a pleasure in more ways than one to remove your coat on chilly days.

Shop our online store today and begin building a better support system for your treasured garments with our luxury wooden hangers!

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