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5 Women’s Wardrobe Essentials for Those Cold Winter Months

5 Women’s Wardrobe Essentials for Those Cold Winter Months

It’s time to stop the denial. Winter is right around the corner! To optimize your wardrobe for the cold weather, you need to invest in those quality pieces that will last for multiple winters to come. We’re talking items worthy of being gently hung on luxury hangers, not stuffed in a drawer.

Let’s look at four wardrobe essentials every woman should invest in before the snow begins falling.

Super Puff Sporty Coat (Aritzia) 

Let’s face it, we’ve all owned a puffy coat, and thankfully they’re still in popular demand. If you happen to need an upgrade, then The Aritizia Puff Shorty Coat is a great choice. The interior comes lined 100% sourced goose down. 

What’s even better is that this coat comes in three lengths and two puffy vest options. There’s an option for every body and every style! 

Lambswool Oversized Scarf With Tassels (ASOS DESIGN)

The stylish scarf is a winter essential, but if you want to effortlessly look fabulous while staying warm, try the ASOS DESIGN lambswool oversized scarf with tassels. 

Wrap it neatly around your neck or throw it over your shoulder! You can style this accessory for multiple moods.

What’s best of all is you can shop ASOS with a clean conscience, as the company actively checks to make sure every single person in their supply chain is safe at work, respected, and earns a living wage.

Knit Dress (H&M)

There are so many style options when you own a knitted jumper dress. You can wear it either casual or as a dressy outfit. If you love catching every eye in the room, don a form-fitting style. 

If you’re going for a more relaxed fit try H&M’s Knit Dress. You’ll be so comfortable in its soft knit fabric, that you’ll want to wear it every day. For added warmth, pair it with tights and over the knee boots. 

‘Adriana’ Cashmere Sweater (Theory)

The excitement we get for the fall sweater season extends into winter, so a staple cashmere sweater is a must. For another essential winter wardrobe item in which you can dress up or dress down, Theory’s ‘Adriana’ Cashmere Sweater is a great choice. 

Its flattering v-neckline and loose fit gives you the option to layer. Winter can get cold, and while we can’t leave the house wrapped in a blanket, a cashmere sweater would be a comparable option.

Dark Wash Faded Skinny Jeans (Express)

Skinny jeans are a staple for any season. For winter, they are the perfect piece of apparel that allows you to layer over for extra warmth. 

With Express Skinny Jeans you can pretty much wear anything on your feet, from black booties to pointy-toe heels. Choose your level of comfort from high rise, mid-rise, or low rise. 

Support Your Winter Essentials With the Right Hangers

Your list of winter wardrobe essentials isn’t finished yet! You need to add Butler Luxury women’s hangers. These reliable accessories are made to last, offering scratch resistance while keeping their elegant Grade-A European Beech Wood appearance. 

Each hanger is made specific to its counterpart, keeping every piece of garment safe with its strong and rugged stature.

Just by looking at these hangers, they can only be described as exuding “exceptional elegance.” Apart from their beautiful hand-polished appearance, all Butler Luxury hangers offer proper curvature for ample clothing support.  

Choose from a wide range of women's hanger types, including shirt, skirt, suit, and coat hanger options. Don’t forget about the 100% Silk Padded Hanger!

Explore Butler Luxury’s online store today and experience the reliable and elegant difference luxury hangers can provide.

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