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5 Warning Signs Your Not Storing Your Suit Properly

5 Warning Signs Your Not Storing Your Suit Properly

The power of a tailored, well-fitted suit is unparalleled. Oozing confidence and dripping appeal, your outfit will help you make a stunning first impression every time. That is...as long as you're storing your suit correctly. 

Simply put, how you store your suit will determine its longevity, availability, and how good it looks. Instead of quickly placing your outfits on any old hanger or leaving them in the dry cleaning bag, it's essential to understand a little bit behind the art of storing your suit. 

How do you know if you're doing the process correctly? Here are a few warning signs that you are storing your suits in the wrong manner. 

Are Your Suits Fading into the Background?

We get it - it's convenient to grab your suit from the dry cleaner and stick it in the closet! Besides, the vendor gives you a perfectly reasonable — but flimsy— metal clothes hanger and a complimentary trash garment bag for that very purpose...right? Wrong! 

One of the worst things you can do in storing your suit is to stick it in the closet as is. Just like you, these garments need to breathe. And just like you, it can't achieve this quintessential goal if it suffocates inside a plastic prison. When you're storing your suits in a plastic dry cleaner's bag, the fabric can weaken and eventually dissolve from the chemical gasses emitted. 

Even worse, moisture can get trapped inside the plastic bag, promoting the growth of mold and mildew. This step is pretty simple: don't do it!

When it comes to storing your suit, it's best to do so with a high-quality garment bag designed to offer the protection it deserves.

Do Your Outfits Feature Weird Indentations?

Have you ever spotted tiny dent on the shoulders of your suits, blouses, or shirts after leaving them hanging in your closet? These unsightly fabric stretches come from plastic and wire hangers that are too narrow for your suit. Because of their construction, they leave your garments with minimal support in the closet. 

When you choose hangers that are too narrow, the bulk of the garment's weight distributes over the hanger's edge. This flimsy construction causes noticeable indentations in your clothing. Unfortunately, sometimes the damage to the fabric can't be reversed, which means you'll be sporting permanent shoulder dimples.

Instead of storing your suit with hangers that are too small, it makes dollars and sense to invest in premium suit hangers. Using the right suit hangers is a fundamental element of proper wardrobe care. Fortunately, Butler Luxury offers an entire lineup of:

Don't settle for anything when you deserve the best.

Is Your Clothing 'Holier Than Thou'?

Without a doubt, one of the worst feelings is to find a hole in your favorite — or any — suit when you pull it from your closet. If you're lucky, you'll spot it before putting it on and heading out the door. And then there's the alternative…If you find holes in your suits, it's more than likely due to moths feasting on your threads, which can be directly attributed to you not storing it properly.

When it comes to storing your suits, start with a premium garment bag or suit cover, preferably made of undyed and chemical-free clothes. This bag is your first line of defense against moths, dust, and mildew. For an added level of protection, place a few sachets of lavender or cedar blocks in your closet. The two should work together to keep your suits and everything else intact. 

Is Rust the New Black? No!

By now, you probably understand our — and Joan Crawford's — abhorrence associated with storing your suit on wire hangers. In addition to being cheap and flimsy, wire hangers can cause discoloration on your outfits. 

The majority of wire hangers have the potential to rust, which will transfer to your suits and garments. And once rust sets in, it's extremely hard to remedy — if not impossible. This effect is the reason dry cleaners leave a paper sleeve over the hanger. 

In their defense, wire hangers aren't all bad: they are excellent for roasting marshmallows, unclogging drains, and used to be the premier way to fine-tune a TV (circa 1988). However, when you bring your clothes home from the dry cleaners and are ready to store your suit, "No wire hangers!" 

It's best to transfer your shirts to a wooden, well-crafted hanger designed to store your suits.  

Are You Making the Wrong Impression?

Your suit is all about making the right impression. However, if you're using the wrong hangers for storing your outfit, you may be off to a bad start, especially when it comes to your pants. Choosing the wrong option makes it almost impossible to store your suit pants properly.

Cheap and flimsy hangers do not have sufficient strength to hold a pair of slacks or pants over the bottom wire. 

  • First, both the wire and your pants will begin to sag noticeably. 
  • As the hanger and pants start to droop, your pants cease hanging over a level surface and sagging begins. 

Instead, the pants will bunch onto one size or slip onto the middle of the curling wire to become bunched. Eventually, your pants will collapse into a wrinkled mess. In the case of wire hangers with sharp edges, it can cause tears or snags on your pant. 

Storing Your Suit Is Easy at Butler Hangers

The moral of the story is to treat your suits with the quality and care they deserve by investing in premium suit hangers from Butler Luxury. Our products are manufactured with superior quality materials and exquisite craftsmanship to provide the support and functionality your suits deserve. 

Browse our entire collection today to find the right hangers for storing your suits. 

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