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5 Reasons You Need to Stop Folding and Start Using Skirt Hangers

5 Reasons You Need to Stop Folding and Start Using Skirt Hangers

Possessing excellent clothing storage habits goes a long way in ensuring your wardrobe's longevity. Additionally, you'll save time, money and prevent unnecessary garment damage.

Failure to adopt optimal storage practices may result in a tremendous amount of damage to your clothes. Fading, rips, creases, and divots are just some of the irritations you may face. Moreover, an un-organized, uninformed approach could lead to a shorter life for your garments.

Your skirts deserve better! In this article, we'll discuss how you can take care of these treasured garments by making a simple change to your routine - stop folding them!

Quality skirt hangers will prevent tears, unwanted stretching, and discoloration of your skirts. Here are five reasons why you need to stop folding and start using skirt hangers

Reason #1: They Are Ideal for Delicate Skirt Fabrics

More delicate fabrics, such as silk, linen, or cashmere, can pick up damage more frequently - and folding only exacerbates these issues. Skirt hangers hold skirts comfortably without creating creases or divots. 

Two movable clips on your skirt hangers allow you to adjust each clip to your individual pieces' width. It's a great way to keep your closet space organized and your skirts crease and wrinkle-free, which ultimately keeps them looking great for longer. Your closet and your clothes will thank you. 

Reason #2: They Feature Versatile Storage Options

The best skirt hangers are more than skirt hangers because they can support five pounds or more with heavy-duty grippers. 

Whether you have a pair of business slacks, pants, or a skirt that needs to be hung up, if you invest in luxury skirt hangers, you should have everything you need to hang any garment type. 

The best skirt hangers are load-bearing up to at least five pounds and have grippers that are easy to depress and get on and off. In short, the best skirt hangers give you options and beautify your entire wardrobe. 

Reason #3: They Prevent Garment Yellowing

Yellowing happens when clothes react with acids from storage units like wooden shelves and cardboard boxes. The best way to solve that is by getting your skirts off these surfaces by using skirt hangers. 

These hangers ensure little contact between clothes and other surfaces, and this helps to prevent discolouration.

Reason #4: They Prevent Mold Buildup

Molds are a common nuisance for clothes stored in long-undisturbed areas. Mold growth on garments leads to terrible odors and accelerated breakdown of fabrics. 

By hanging skirts, the air around garments is well-circulated, ensuring that molds don't percolate.

Reason #5: Ease of Accessibility

Hanging clothes provides you with easy access to your skirts instead of having to rummage through boxes and shelves. Just reach out and pick your selected option. 

Organizing your wardrobe by hanging certain items helps save time when changing for different occasions. 

The Bottom Line

Well-chosen and well-cared-for clothing can be a pleasure to see in your closet. Instead of buying as many articles of clothing as you can, build a wardrobe that will effortlessly be chic for years to come. 

But fine clothing also requires expert care you can only find in Butler Luxury’s premium clothing hangers and accessories. From suit covers to skirt hangers, Butler Luxury’s hangers are the upgrade from plastic or wire hangers that your upgraded clothing collection deserves. 

Browse through our collection to find the hangers that will help you keep your wardrobe in its best possible shape for decades of looking fabulous!

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