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5 Men’s Vintage Coat Styles to Adopt This Year

5 Men’s Vintage Coat Styles to Adopt This Year

As the seasons change, the weather fluctuations can be exciting to shake up your wardrobe. After months of being cooped up inside, you can again share your fashion with the world on warm-weather walks or during brunches on sunny patios. Once the heat subsides, it’s great fun to don winter boots and stroll through the snow.

But if you want to look your best outside, outerwear is where it’s at. Whether your style leans towards the edgy bomber jacket or the classic men’s trench, this guide will prepare you to step outdoors in style - no matter the season.


Men's Vintage Coats to Try

Denim Jackets 

The classic denim jacket is one of the most important staples in any man’s closet. Its most significant benefit is its versatility – you can wear it in spring over a t-shirt and black pants, or in autumn over a sweater. Some men prefer unlined jean jackets, while others opt for shearling-lined alternatives for a more rugged look.

Trench Coats

Men’s trenches date back as a style staple for over a hundred years. The once military-issued garment still adds polish and sophistication to any ensemble with its classic khaki or brown color, double-breasted buttons, and sharp lapels. 

The only issue with trench coats is that they can wrinkle easily, so make sure to hang them properly and even use an in-home steamer for a clean look. 

Bomber Jackets 

Bomber jackets are short jackets with fitted cuffs and an elastic waist. Usually, this men’s jacket style is made in leather or nylon and has somewhat voluminous sleeves. Once worn by flight crews, bomber jackets top off casual, urban looks in the fall and spring.  

Pea Coats

No vintage men’s wardrobe is complete without the sophisticated pea coat. Warm enough to wear on chilly walks around the park and dressed-up sufficient for the theater, the pea coat’s cornerstone features are its woolen material and large buttons. Traditionally worn by sailors, the large lapels and double-breasted front make them an upscale choice for modern fashion lovers.


One of the most challenging coat purchases is the raincoat. More difficult to choose than other types of garments, raincoats can be short or long, water-resistant or waterproof, and hooded or hoodless. Modern raincoats may be too athletic for men who want to construct a vintage look - something better for a romp in the woods than a day in the city. But vintage and vintage-inspired men’s designer coats for inclement weather may fit the bill.  


Storing Your Vintage Men’s Designer Coats 

As winter moves to spring and spring moves to summer, you’ll shift jackets and coats in and out of your regular rotation. In order to ensure that your outerwear is ready for the next time you wear it, however, you should take a few precautions.

First, make sure that your coats are cared for before storing them away. This extra step means repairing any holes or snagged fabric, as well as sewing on missing buttons. If your jacket isn’t in the best shape, it may not emerge from your closet intact by next season. Also, make sure to launder or dry clean your coat so that sweat, food, and other stains don’t become permanent.  

Next, hang your coats on hangers sturdy enough to handle them. Most men’s coats are structured and reasonably form-fitting, meaning that they won’t look good if they lose their fit. So, make sure to purchase hangers that can withstand the substantial weight of even a parka or wool overcoat.

Butler Luxury sells coat hangers designed with this purpose in mind. Made out of Grade A beech wood, our coat hanger comes in varying sizes that preserve the shoulder shape of your garment exactly. What’s more, you can choose the hanger style that matches your closet - Dark Matte Walnut Espresso with matte chrome hardware or Deep Butterscotch with brass hardware.

Alternately, the functional art Rosewood Tailor Made Coat Hanger is even more luxurious, perfect for coats hung in a visible or often-used closet in your home.

Caring For Your Vintage Coats

High-quality vintage coats can be an investment but offer a uniqueness that modern coat styles can’t replicate. Back when legendary tailors created these coats, someone had the foresight to care for them, so they’d last for decades. 

With the right hangers from Butler Luxury, you can ensure you’ll be able to wear your favorite men’s jackets for decades more. As a bonus, learn more about curating a luxury wardrobe with our FREE guide.

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