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3 Elegant Women's Suit Styles for Every Occasion

3 Elegant Women's Suit Styles for Every Occasion

Even if dressing formally isn't an everyday requirement, there will inevitably be a time when a special occasion requires an elegant formal suit.

Other times will arise when you need to power dress for a big interview or networking event. Or, you may be heading out for a classy night on the town, and you're bored with all your party dresses.

No matter the occasion, when you want the world to see you're a sophisticated dresser, a dress suit is the perfect way to say it. To help you plan for just about every occasion, take a look at these three women's suit styles that deserve a spot in your wardrobe. Each one makes a unique yet timeless statement, depending on the image you wish to convey.

The Versatile Skirt Suit 

When the occasion calls for the most formal of women's dress suits, the skirt suit is just that. There are many different cuts for skirts, which also makes this style the most versatile. 

Skirt suits also give you a lot of room to experiment with different fabrics, textures, lengths, and patterns without veering off into gaudy. Pairing a faux-leather miniskirt with a hip-length faux-leather jacket is perfect for a bold and daring statement. Perhaps consider a pencil skirt or a sheath dress paired with a blazer for elegance in any situation. 

The Powerful Pant Suit

Timeless, sophisticated, and powerful are the best three words that come to mind when considering investing in a pantsuit. The best part is you don't have to sacrifice style to project your womanly power. You can easily create a wardrobe that fits just about any need by mixing and matching blazers and pant styles. 

This year's hottest trends for pantsuits include the cinched suit, the asymmetrical blazer, and the retro-inspired green Givenchy suit. Each of these brings a refreshing spin on classic styles and does away with the old-fashioned boxy-style we're so accustomed to seeing.

The Playful Shorts Suit

Whether you're window-shopping the boutiques or relaxing on a boat ride around the lake, a shorts suit is the perfect way to stay cool and stylish on a warm summer day. Skip the mini dress or taking forever to figure out what to wear to that BBQ party. The most significant decision you'll need to make is what top and shoes fit the occasion best. Plus, this style is so adaptable, you can split it up or layer as needed. 

One of the best things about short suits is they are a perfect combination of chic and playful. Pastel colors and lightweight fabrics mean you stay comfortable no matter how hot it gets outside.

Taking Care of Your Designer Suits

No matter which style you choose to invest in, the way you store it is just as important as how you wear it. Folding a blazer to keep in your closet will lead to wrinkles and creases. 

Simultaneously, most hangers will leave dimples on the shoulders or stretch it in some areas. This malicious feature can decrease the lifespan of your investment. The best way to organize and store your dress suits is to keep your garments wrinkle-free with the proper suit hangers

Butler Luxury skirt hangers save your closet space and preserve the shape of the skirt. The unique clips hold skirts and pants tightly but don't leave a mark in even the silkiest fabrics. When the warm weather is over, and it's time to pack away those short suits, there is no better long-term storage solution than by using a suit cover

You've invested a lot into your dress suits, and Butler Luxury understands the importance of keeping your clothes in tiptop shape and your closet organized in style. Butler Luxury offers the finest luxury hangers and storage solutions that say as much about your style as the garments they hold.