Luxury Hangers

We Set the Standard for Luxury Hangers

There can be no compromise when caring for your finest suits and trousers so Butler Luxury created equally fine hangers as a solution. With our years of experience making hangers for the world’s finest designers and in collaboration with a Savile Row tailor, we designed our exclusive luxury hangers from scratch to bring you the ultimate product to hang your high-end garments.

“A true luxury hanger matches the beauty of your most beloved suit and coat.”

These luxury wooden hangers are made of premium, grade A German beech wood providing highly functional suit care in addition to being beautiful objects in their own right. A men’s wooden suit hanger should keep the shape of your suit as your tailor intended. Our quality hangers have a solid, one-piece design with wide shoulders and exquisite rubbed finishes to ensure your suit stays immaculate, even after a season in storage.

For your trousers, Butler Luxury designed the most substantial, luxury trouser hanger ever made. With a soft velvet wrapped pants bar, this closet tool securely holds your trousers at full stop like no other hanger. Even the finest Super 150’s or 180’s materials from the best Italian mills aren’t going anywhere. In addition, the large round bar’s gentle, round arc leaves absolutely no trace on the material.

View our Luxury Hangers Here – Remember that no matter how great the photo, the real item in your hands will astonish you.

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